Career Transition

Our Career Transition Services give you the necessary support on your career journey from beginning to end.  From Senior Executives to Manager positions, Creative and Technical Specialists, VC and Private Equity positions, Alternative careers in Consulting and Board Service, Nonprofit Leadership, Entrepreneurship,  to Portfolio careers, we facilitate your next career move with exclusive personalized career advisory services and personal branding services until you land…

Branding Development

Whether you are a professional, executive or entrepreneur, your brand identity has to be carefully crafted and articulated to convey your value proposition.  Hi-Point will customize and create a unified theme through your resume and social media profile, presenting a compelling presence, articulating your leadership abilities, your highest accomplishments and also a bit of your personalityHi-Point’s resumes and profiles open doors for interviews…

Career Coaching and Consulting

Hi-Point Coaching and Consulting is a partner in your next career move.  Whether you have separated from your job as a result of involuntary reasons, or are contemplating leaving your position, you can rely on us to help you map your career strategy. Through career advisory services you explore, examine and gain clarity of vision and direction, preferred work environment, or identify a new career path. We don’t stop there and offer a full suite of services to help you land your next position.

Interview Preparation

Hi-Point’s Interview Preparation is among one of the services in our Career Transition Suite to help you be ready for any type of interview you may encounter.  In an interview you only have a brief time to make a connection with the interviewer(s) and present the most natural, and comfortable version of yourself.  With our interview prep and response strategies, and confidence boosting, you’ll be ready to tackle any situation and also negotiate your compensation with greater knowledge.

Performance Coaching

Hi-Point’s Performance and Executive Coaching services are designed to guide you executives and rising leaders through difficult decision making, help you cope with pressures at the top, regain or boost your self-confidence as a leader or raise your profile within the organization.  We focus on enhancing performance behaviors, developing informed risk-taking, honing emotional intelligence, and improving communication and interpersonal relationships.

Entertainment ◆ Media ◆ Technology ◆ Communications

Healthcare ◆ Medical ◆ Pharma

Finance ◆ Banking ◆ Insurance ◆ Real Estate ◆ Retail

Food & Beverage ◆ Consumer Pkgd Goods ◆ Hospitality

Education ◆ R&D ◆ Govt ◆ Nonprofit

Automotive ◆ Aerospace ◆ Construction ◆ Manufacturing

Our focus is in the career transition and personal branding of executives, emerging leaders, career professionals and entrepreneurs to create momentum for change in their careers.  We specialize in several industry verticals and have facilitated the career transition of our clients to market leading branded and Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

Whether you want to advance in your profession, change positions or careers, develop self-confidence and leadership skills or explore entrepreneurship or consulting, we refine and polish your  personal brand to be competitive in today’s marketplace.

We are the key to unlocking your future and empowering your success!

Please read some of our Client Testimonials, from executives to professionals to entrepreneurs, who we have been helped in the areas of career transition, advancement, development and change.  

Allow us to help you develop your Personal Brand and guide you with Career Change or Advancement.

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