Eleven Keys to Success at Job and Career Fairs

As the economy is picking up, the unemployment rate has dropped to pre‐recession levels, employers are having a difficult time finding qualified employees. Whether you’re underemployed as a part‐time employee, want to advance your career or change companies, now is the time for you to get back in the job market. Job fairs are an excellent way for you to meet multiple employers on the same day. However, there is advance preparation required on your part to stand out from…

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Career Advice for Older Workers

The Reality is Job Change It is rare these days for a person to hold the same job their entire life. By the time someone reaches fifty or sixty, he or she might have had three to five careers and eight to ten jobs. Some of these career changes might have come about due to changing interests, and others might be due to downsizing or forced retirement. Older Workers Want to Work Older workers are increasingly looking for new career…

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How to Get the Attention of Recruiters

As a career development coach, I am often asked how to find those hidden positions in the job market.   Yes, those coveted upper management and executive jobs are not advertised on job boards as they are tightly controlled by executive search firms and contingency recruiters.   These positions are the bread and butter of these firms and they are guarded with whom they will share. With the advent of LinkedIn, search firms have a readily available database of 400 million professionals. …

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Creative Ways to Stay Top of Mind with Your Clients

The key to establishing – and maintaining – long-term relationships with your clients is by keeping in touch, but in a hyper-connected world filled with marketing “noise,” how do you stand out from the crowd? Here are nine ways to connect with clients and be top of mind when they’re ready to use your services or buy your products: Send Thank You Cards.  Don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten thank you. Make a habit of reaching out to clients after they’ve made…

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Humor may just land you your next job!

Humor and laughter is a method of communication designed to capture the attention of others, convey important information and activate similar emotions in others.   According to founder of Berkeley based research company, NeuroFocus, Dr. A. K. Pradeep, notes that humor is  one of those tools our brains are hardwired to react to and is key to making a message new and novel. In the Psychology of Humor, psychology professor Rod A. Martin argues that humor is used as an ingratiation…

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How to Increase your Productivity

Prioritize critical thinking tasks You know how, after an hour or so of browsing at a mall or a grocery store, everything starts to look the same? You can’t make decisions anymore. You’re so mentally tired that your brain wants to shorthand its work and stop filtering through billions of bytes of incoming information. That’s called decision fatigue — and it affects even the best of us. A 2010 study of decision-making among parole review boards found that judges were…

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Career Reinvention

The economy and job marketplace has been drastically transformed in the last decade with the rapid growth of technology and the internet.  In so much that many careers have become obsolete, or have become highly technical and specialized requiring new knowledge.  Jobs from the executives, managerial, professional and line staff in virtually every industry have transformed.  It is no surprise that many people in their late 40s and 50s are struggling to remain relevant.  And those who have lost jobs are having a more difficult time returning to full…

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Four Mistakes Leaders Make

In my experience as an executive and as an organizational development consultant, I have seen certain patterns of leader behavior that impedes organizational progress.  These 4 behaviors were further validated in Harvard Business Review: Failing to set proper expectations. Leaders announce shifts in goals or direction without spelling out specifics, saying who’s accountable, or setting clear deadlines. Excusing subordinates from the pursuit of overall goals. Managers allow employees to focus narrowly on their units, and so responsibility for companywide performance…

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Enhancing Employee Performance – Recognition v. Mentoring

According to a 2012 survey by Bersin & Associates, employee recognition programs were not as motivating as once thought. Most employees viewed traditional employee recognition programs as just another “top-down” management scheme. They saw it as a public judgment, by management, of a small handful of employees, without peer input or opinion. Unrewarded employees often feel the system is biased or unfair. In the end, rewarded employees feel manipulated or targeted (by management) and the whole process creates an “Us…

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Dealing with Executive Bullies

We all, at one point or another in our professional careers, have dealt with a boss, supervisor, or someone higher up in the organization who bullies their subordinates; in a small business, it is sometimes the owner who mistreats his partners and employees. Dealing with this personality type is challenging because they may outrank you in the organization or they have authority to terminate your employment.   Do you recognize some of these bullying behaviors? Blames others for errors. Makes…

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