Delegating An Executive Job Search…

You’re an executive, a visionary leader who develops big picture operating plans and strategic roadmaps then delegates different roles to your teams to carryout as you spearhead the implementation. That’s been your M.O. for success throughout your career, so why not do the same with your job search? First, let me say that no one likes looking for a job. Even executives who voluntarily elect to change positions in an effort to find a new, more challenging role or to…

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How to Use Social Media to Advance your Career

LinkedIn and Facebook are powerful tools for networking and for expanding your career search.  While Facebook was originally intended for social networking, its business applications have expanded, allowing for business Facebook pages.  LinkedIn was originally designed for professionals to connect with each other and it continues to be a powerful tool for making business connections.  The paid version of LinkedIn has even more capabilities which we will cover later.  To get you started, here are a few tips to create your LinkedIn presence.  These tips were condensed from Colleen McKenna, a…

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Reinventing yourself after 50 and beyond

It’s never too late to pursue your desires and realize your dream for your ideal career.  As the baby boomer generation is reaching 50 and beyond, this generation is not content to just sit back and relax.  They are more active, healthy, and ready to take on new challenges.  I only have to look at my own mother who reached retirement over a decade ago and has stayed active by serving on various boards and in the community–these activities keep her…

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Trust was key to the Superbowl Team Victory

As I watched the Superbowl 2014 game, I wondered how Coach Pete Carroll carried his team through 15 victories and a Superbowl win this season.  I believe the key to the Seattle SeaHawks’ success is trust in their coach. As an executive coach and organizational consultant, I enter each relationship with a new client, knowing that I have to gain their trust.  For some who are referred by previous clients, a foundation of trust has been established but I know…

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20 Buzzwords Guaranteed to Fast-track Your Résumé to the Paper Shredder

These buzzwords were shared by hiring mangers and career coaches to avoid in resumes: Honorable Mention (mentioned once) Highly Skilled Go-Getter “What did you get? Coffee? Lunch? Please stop using this phrase.” Lauren Young – Owner, Freshly Baked Communications Successfully Championed Passion Utilized “It’s ‘utilized’ in resumes to make a three-syllable word out of the word ‘use’. I USE it to distinguish the blowhards who like to sound smart from the good communicators.” Dan Ryan – Consultant for Praxis Nonprofit…

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