Performance Management

How to Increase your Productivity

Prioritize critical thinking tasks You know how, after an hour or so of browsing at a mall or a grocery store, everything starts to look the same? You can’t make decisions anymore. You’re so mentally tired that your brain wants to shorthand its work and stop filtering through billions of bytes of incoming information. That’s called decision fatigue — and it affects even the best of us. A 2010 study of decision-making among parole review boards found that judges were…

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Enhancing Employee Performance – Recognition v. Mentoring

According to a 2012 survey by Bersin & Associates, employee recognition programs were not as motivating as once thought. Most employees viewed traditional employee recognition programs as just another “top-down” management scheme. They saw it as a public judgment, by management, of a small handful of employees, without peer input or opinion. Unrewarded employees often feel the system is biased or unfair. In the end, rewarded employees feel manipulated or targeted (by management) and the whole process creates an “Us…

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