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Career Advice for Older Workers

The Reality is Job Change It is rare these days for a person to hold the same job their entire life. By the time someone reaches fifty or sixty, he or she might have had three to five careers and eight to ten jobs. Some of these career changes might have come about due to changing interests, and others might be due to downsizing or forced retirement. Older Workers Want to Work Older workers are increasingly looking for new career…

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20 Buzzwords Guaranteed to Fast-track Your Résumé to the Paper Shredder

These buzzwords were shared by hiring mangers and career coaches to avoid in resumes: Honorable Mention (mentioned once) Highly Skilled Go-Getter “What did you get? Coffee? Lunch? Please stop using this phrase.” Lauren Young – Owner, Freshly Baked Communications Successfully Championed Passion Utilized “It’s ‘utilized’ in resumes to make a three-syllable word out of the word ‘use’. I USE it to distinguish the blowhards who like to sound smart from the good communicators.” Dan Ryan – Consultant for Praxis Nonprofit…

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