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How to Get the Attention of Recruiters

As a career development coach, I am often asked how to find those hidden positions in the job market.   Yes, those coveted upper management and executive jobs are not advertised on job boards as they are tightly controlled by executive search firms and contingency recruiters.   These positions are the bread and butter of these firms and they are guarded with whom they will share. With the advent of LinkedIn, search firms have a readily available database of 400 million professionals. …

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How to Use Social Media to Advance your Career

LinkedIn and Facebook are powerful tools for networking and for expanding your career search.  While Facebook was originally intended for social networking, its business applications have expanded, allowing for business Facebook pages.  LinkedIn was originally designed for professionals to connect with each other and it continues to be a powerful tool for making business connections.  The paid version of LinkedIn has even more capabilities which we will cover later.  To get you started, here are a few tips to create your LinkedIn presence.  These tips were condensed from Colleen McKenna, a…

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