Client Testimonials

I highly recommend working with Susanna without hesitation. She helped me completely revamp my resume and my LinkedIn profile, and provided great advice so I was thoroughly prepped for the interview and offer process for my most recent career opportunity. Susanna is highly responsive, helpful and personable in her approach to executive coaching. Above all, she is an incredibly thoughtful listener and genuinely cares about helping her clients achieve success. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with you.” 
– Kimberley S.G., Sr Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Mitsubishi Motors North America 

“It was truly rewarding experience working with you after leaving Nestle after a two decade run.  You made my career transition much easier, helping to regain my confidence to market myself.  I appreciate all the coaching you provided along with the rebranding of my resume and profile and compensation negotiation.   The next time I make a transition, I will be back to work with you again.”
– M.G., COO, Global Head of Manufacturing-Olam, Singapore (Former COO, Nestle North America)

I had the good fortune to find Susanna during my departure from Altamed. I was looking for assistance in freshening my resume and LinkedIn profile. Susanna was very professional and knowledgeable and was able to refine my CV and created a shorter resume as well and I was very quickly contacted by recruiters which ultimately led to the interview with Prospect. Susanna provided strategic knowledge and advice during the interview process and was also very helpful in helping me negotiate my compensation. I would highly recommend her career services.
–  Martin S., MD, President and CMO Northeast Markets, Prospect Medical Systems

“I am very glad to have met and hired Susanna here on LinkedIn. She has been incredibly responsive, thoughtful and supportive. My new Executive Resume and Linkedin profile are the best I have ever had. I’m getting compliments from everyone that has seen it, including executive resumes to whom I have referred Susanna.  I recommend Susanna to anyone in need of her executive branding services.”
–  Matthew A. – C-Suite Executive – Music Industry Guru – Reviving Underperforming Tech Companies for Investment or Sale

“I came to Susanna at a pivotal point in my career when I was seeking to change my career direction while my company had just undergone a merger. She provided clear guidance on how to respond to the abrupt changes from the merger and how to deal with challenging situations occurring in my division. Having Susanna helped me gain perspective into my challenging work brought balance to my life. She further helped me identify and articulate how my current skills and experience could be transferred into my new position. Susanna “tells it like it is” and she is a great sounding board while empowering me to be my own best leader.”
Barbara R., Executive Vice President Providence Healthcare

“Susanna I want to thank you tremendously for helping me and guiding me through this coaching engagement. As my advisor and advocate you helped me sharpen my brand and position me to be competitive in the marketplace. .  I appreciate your counsel and guidance in landing my new position.”
– R. T., Chief Technology Officer, Fortune 500 Company, CA

“I interviewed several career coaches but none of them had the knowledge of higher education or education that Susanna had.  Immediately we clicked in the first call and later meeting.  She understood my world and in our year long engagement, she was there as my advisor and confidante.  She customized my Presidential CV and profile and wrote my cover letters.  I’m pleased where I have landed and was most impressed by Susanna’s professionalism, vast knowledge and business acumen and would recommend her highly.”
– Alex P, Ph.D., President, Higher Education Institution

“When I first reached out to Susanna, I only intended her to help me put together a bio but after I saw how artfully she portrayed my 30+ year long career on one page, I wanted her to rewrite my lengthy 5 page resume and also revamp my profile.  Susanna knows how to work with executives and the resume and profile she produced for me has given me the competitive edge and recruiters are knocking down my door, courting me for opportunities. I felt I had made a very wise investment in retaining Susanna’s services.”
–  Tom M. F., Ph.D., – C-Suite Technology Leader, Startups, Orange County, CA

I retained Susanna’s services to help me freshen my brand and position me for executive opportunities. She is extremely professional and articulate and was able to draw out my strengths and experience. I learned a lot about myself working with her. I would recommend her highly if you’re considering hiring an executive career coach.
– Eric W.– Senior Vice President, Warner Bros.

“Susanna is an articulate, highly intelligent, and business savvy professional with sound advice and a very approachable demeanor. She’s easy to connect with and able to find common ground while instilling confidence and encouragement in her clients. She’s very engaged and invested in her client’s success and it translates to a wonderful collaborative experience. Working with her was both enjoyable and enlightening.”
– Linh M,  Vice President, Warner Bros, CA

I retained Susanna to redevelop my resume and LinkedIn profile and to coach me interviewing. I know my field but cannot always articulate all my own strengths and capabilities. Working with Susanna was very enlightening and I gained greater confidence in being able to convey all that I have accomplished in my long career. I would highly recommend Susanna to anyone who is in need of a career coach. She also did a fabulous job on representing my accomplishments on my resume and LinkedIn profile.”
Danita D., DNP, MBA, RN, Nursing Executive, Henry Mayo Hospital

“I highly recommend Susanna to executives who are looking to re-brand themselves or to work on the presentation of their professional experiences. Her work and input had noticeable and immediate impact on my LinkedIn profile. Susanna provides a great service experience where her approach is very personal. She is also a great career mentor. She provides great tips on where, how and what approach to take when looking for a career change. I definitely recommend individuals to take the full executive package.”
T. T., CIMA, CMA, CPA, Senior Finance, Accounting and Internal Audit Leader, Ontario, Canada

“I had the opportunity to work with Susanna from my departure from my position as a result of a restructuring. I had not done much networking and Susanna was very patient with me coaching me and exploring different career options. I learned to more effectively market myself on LinkedIn through networking. She revamped my resume which opened me to opportunities outside of my industry and I’m now working at a private institution and am delighted with the change of pace and environment. ” G.B., Chief Financial, Business & Operating Officer at Non-Profit Organization (Former CFO, Paramount Home Media Distribution)

“Susanna, I’m so glad we had the opportunity to work on my transition; it helped me focus for the interviews, and thank you for preparing a compelling and concise resume (mine was very long) and an eye-catching LinkedIn profile that led me to landing the position.”  
– Arun B., J.D., Vice President, Operations, CA Wellness Foundation

“I highly recommend Susanna and Hi-Point. Susanna is experienced, smart, talented and her skill sets, from writing to coaching to professional interview, CV and networking best practices, are stellar. Along with her professional background, Susanna’s committed to her clients. She’s a gem.”
– Kate C.O., PhD – Head of Brand Strategy, Claremont McKenna College (Owner, Creative Marketing/Branding Firm)

“Susanna is a wonderful career coach who was instrumental in helping me focus on what I really wanted next in my career. She is patient, persistent, and provided thoughtful insight and personal support that helped me find the perfect opportunity! I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to make a career move.”
Laurie S., Director, Creative Services, Humana (formerly with Disney and Boeing)

“Susanna is excellent at drawing out professional accomplishments and positioning you to present you in the most stellar manner. I retained her as a Career Coach and to help me rebrand my resume and profile and I was most pleased with the results. She understood my strengths and personality and was able to reflect them in my new executive resume and profile.  I feel that I’m ready to explore other career options with the tools I have acquired from working.”
– K. G. – Senior Vice President, Global Events Beach Body, Santa Monica, CA

“My situation was very unique. Susanna Shamim was completely in touch with what I was up against, and extraordinarily professional and empathetic with my transition in life. Susanna was extremely attentive and understood what I was going through. It would have been easy for a career coach to take a standard track with me, but she was astute and sensitive enough to realize that this was not right for me. We explored different roles that once I was ready to move forward, I would have some grounding.  Once again, without Susanna’s understanding, following up, and encouragement. I would not be able to pick up and run, when I am finally able to decide where to go with my career.”
– Barry B., Senior Vice President, Supply Chain, Kaiser Permanente,  CA 

“I was most appreciative of Susanna’s support transitioning from consulting for many years back to an executive position. She helped me identify and articulate my value in the marketplace and drew out these in my new resume and profile which is really outstanding. She was more than a Career Coach but also an Executive Coach and Business Coach, guiding me on how to close the deal. I appreciated her strategy for compensation negotiation which resulted in me getting everything I wanted. I’m most satisfied and will be using Susanna’s services in the future.”  
Todd C. R., Vice President, Music Publishing, E-One (former Consultant and Artist Agent)

“I highly recommend Susanna for anyone who is looking to update their professional profile or brand. She has an incredible ability to drill down and summarize expertise and experience. I appreciated her advice regarding how to get the most of out my brand and clarity around career direction. My updated profile and resume are the best I have had in years.”
Jean C. , Music Industry Operations Leader – Digital Content, Licensing & Distribution Rights

“As a mid-career executive looking to expand my horizons, Susanna offered great guidance and support, providing tremendous insight. Her approach was exactly what I was looking for in a career coach. Patient, insightful, thorough and always asking the right questions. It enabled us to work very effectively as partners in tracing a roadmap that truly expanded my growth and potential not only as an executive but more importantly as a person. I highly recommend Susanna, a career coach for life.”
– Rolando M. – Former Sr. Director, Walt Disney Imagineering, now Director of Virtual Design & Construction, Mortenson

“My organization hired Susanna to coach me on management issues and I was very glad that they did. As a new manager, I benefited tremendously from her insight into the issues I was dealing with my boss and my subordinates. She also helped me in improving my communications with my staff and in developing policies and procedures for my division to better organize my work.”
– Anitra D., Executive Director, City of Long Beach, CA

“Susanna was wonderful to work with. She helped me summarize years of experience and skills in a clear and concise way for my LinkedIn profile and beyond. She is gifted at drilling down to get to the experience most important to highlight. Her own career experience and insight are valuable assets. I highly recommend her! ” 
Shannon T. , Chief Marketing Officer, Nonprofit Organization, Los Angeles

“I appreciate the advice and support of Susanna as I transitioned from the role of corporate executive to entrepreneur. Susanna is not only a highly effective coach and teacher but was invaluable due to her personal experience in starting, growing and managing a business. As a successful businesswoman she provided advice on refining my business model, defining the services I provide, developing my infrastructure as well as perfecting my pitch She helped me to explore networks and identify critical partners. Her guidance has been instrumental in my decision to expand my business and take a new path!”
Lynn F., Senior Vice President – California Market Manager, Banking Industry

“Susanna was excellent in working with me to help ready me for the job market after being laid off from a company I’d worked at for many years. Her guidance on my resume was especially helpful since I’d not updated it in a while and the formatting and presentation needed work.”
– Richard M., Insurance Executive, Travelers, CA

“I found my dream job working for the UN and Susanna was there with me behind the scenes coaching me through the interview process and helping me articulate my value points.  She was also very knowledgeable and helped me negotiate a very handsome compensation and relocation package to Switzerland for my family and me.”
– Linda L. D.S.,  Director of Marketing & Communications,  United Nations, Switzerland

“Susanna is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the personal success of her clients. Among other things, she provided advice and support that was instrumental in helping me start my own business. If you want to work with someone who really cares about seeing you achieve your goals, go with Susanna.”
John S., Entrepreneur, Former Coast Guard Commander and Senior Vice President, Princess Cruises

“Susanna you rock!. The branding you did of my background is fabulous. I’m getting so many compliments from everyone who is seeing your work. While I know branding, you took my experience and have polished it and crystallized it that I couldn’t do for myself. It’s been wonderful working with you and I’m elated to refer clients to you.”
– Tamara D., Creative Leader and Brand Strategist for New Knowledge – Global Retail, Fashion, Luxury + Technology Brands

“I was referred to Susanna by a trusted colleague who had used her services. In the initial coaching sessions Susanna helped me gain clarity that I was ready to assume a role with considerably more responsibility in a leadership role. She and I collaborated in finding the right position for me and then she developed a resume that is reflective of my accomplishments, my leadership abilities and the type of position I’m seeking. I’m very happy with the final results. Susanna also coached me on interviewing and how to effectively articulate my value points and accomplishments through mock interview sessions. I found these to be very beneficial.”
– Michael M. Creative Product Management Leader and Successful Co-Founder of a Tech Company

“I was fortunate to have Susanna Shamim as my personal coach. After being with the same company for 18 years and being in the dreaded “older worker” category at 58, my job search skills were rusty at best. Susanna was an excellent guide. I found her advice to be relevant and kind and greatly benefited from our sessions both in self-confidence and strategy.  I had multiple interviews and successfully landed an excellent position with a growing company at a very competitive salary. I would highly recommend Susanna to anyone at a cross roads in their professional life both for her excellent advice and for her kind and caring manner.”
Anne R., Commercial Real Estate Executive, CA

I was searching for help writing a resume and Susanna stood out from the crowd on LinkedIn with a personalized approach to helping me with my resume. After my initial consultation I realized Susanna is far more than someone who can create a resume, but she is a career coach that will guide you through the process of a career transition. I opted for the Career Accelerator plan and I received an outstanding makeover of my LinkedIn profile and resume that was created from scratch. Susanna has been named one of The Best Career Coaches of 2017 by LinkedIn Profinder because she is truly the best at what she does. 
–  Gerry G. – Regional Operations Executive – Amazon (formerly Regional Operational Exec for Restaurant Franchise)

“With Susanna’s assistance I have worked through career issues, reclaimed my self-worth, and have successfully transitioned into a new, more satisfying management position.”
Jill G., Government Executive, City of Long Beach, CA

“Susanna thank you for all your help with my career transition. I just accepted an assignment with with Universal studios Japan as a show producer for a new land. Will be moving to Osaka soon.”
–  Victoria L.W, MBA, Show Producer/Project Manager, Universal Studios, Japan (former Project Manager, Walt Disney Imagineering)

“I found Susanna through LinkedIn after taking a maternity leave on the birth of my daughter. Susanna was most helpful in drawing out my accomplishments and achievements and telling my professional career story that I had never acknowledged in my resume before. She also completely revised my LinkedIn profile which immediately got the attention of recruiters. She was also very patient with my hectic family life as we were in the middle of a move while caring for my newborn.”
– Sabrina F. J.- Sales and Marketing Leader – Cartier – Luxury Retail/Wholesale

“I was very fortunate to have Susanna as my personal coach. She was very helpful and really helped me through my transition in terms of the guidance, mentoring and coaching that she gave me and most of all, for truly understanding where I was coming from and listening to me.”
Robert G., Medical Sales Executive, McKesson, CA

“I was very pleased with how Susanna took my various experiences as an entrepreneur and pieced it together to showcase my strengths and capabilities as an executive in a cohesive manner. My profile on LinkedIn is also very appealing. I would highly recommend Susanna’s services. She will guide you on what types of roles you are best suited to as well.” Scott M., Visionary Executive – Real Estate, Finance and Investments, Las Vegas, NV

I can recall several best-decisions I made in my life and hiring Susanna as my career coach has single-handedly been one of them. My thoughts and ideas on possible careers was a bit scattered and overwhelming. Susanna’s superlative advice gave me the confidence I needed and assured me that, “life is a marathon not a sprint.” Each session highlighted her dedication to unfold my true potential and for that I am forever grateful.”
– Natasha G., Business Development Executive, Luxury Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

“Thanks Susanna. This new job is a great opportunity for my family and great experience for my career. The prep work and revised resume helped a ton. I was able to interview with multiple companies and in the end had a couple of offers to choose from. Thanks for all your help.”
 Matt P., Insights Brand Manager – Spectrum Brands Holdings, a global diversified CPG Company

“Susanna’s sound advice and informed perspective helped me through the uncertainty of my job search. From the early tasks of updating my resume and LinkedIn profile to the final stages of interviewing and negotiating, Susanna encouraged me with level-headed feedback and insight. She was responsive and available whenever I had news to discuss or decisions to make.  Throughout the process, she emphasized courtesy, outreach, and gratitude, which turned what could have been an anxious experience into a positive one. With her guidance, I was able to land a new position that exceeded my expectations and advanced my career.  I think anyone looking for their next professional adventure would benefit by having Susanna on their team!”
– Janet H.,  Artistic Director, NBC Studios, Japan

“I found Susanna at a very pivotal point in my career when I had taken a leave of absence from work due to some issues I was dealing with on my job. When I was ready to return, Susanna was there to help me capture my accomplishments on my resume and profile. She was always available to coach me and answer my questions as I was considering positions. She prepared me for interviews and also on how to negotiate more salary. I have found working with her most valuable and have gained her friendship for life.”-S. Y., Senior Project Manager, Scientist, Amgen

“Susanna you were wonderful in helping me ease back into the job market and got me out of my comfort zone.  I wish I had found you sooner.  I found your coaching inspiring and uplifting.  Your rebranding of my resume and profile immediately got attention of recruiters and I found myself in interviews in a matter of days of you making the revisions.  Also the interview prep coaching session gave me techniques on how to answer difficult questions and I really learned how to sell myself.  I will definitely be referring other clients to you.” –
Alex A., CSM, San Francisco, CA, Senior Engineer, Technology Leader, San Francisco Bay Area

“Susanna is a knowledgeable, professional and genuine person. She provided me with suggestions for industries and companies to explore while in my job transition. She also provided me with valuable feedback for ways to improve my LinkedIn profile to help me standout from the crowd. I would highly recommend using Susanna’s career coaching services.”
– Irma G., Manager, Technology Solutions, IBM

“I would highly recommend Susanna Shamim for career coaching. Susanna helped me with my career transition in many ways:  Susanna immediately identified  the weaknesses  in my resume, wherein she  suggested changes, which were made,  and from that point forward, potential employers started to call. In addition to my resume, Susanna reviewed my Linkedin profile and suggested changes there, too. Once I successfully landed interviews, Susanna prepared me with mock interviews that were job specific.  I found the mock interviews to be highly useful.  Once I was offered a position,  Susanna helped me with salary negotiations.  Not only is Susanna professional, she was sensitive to my needs and expectations.” 
Edward T., Paralegal Supervisor, Wells Fargo Bank, CA

“My career coach has been a great motivator and cheerleader, always available to answer questions and offer guidance and thoughtful suggestions related to my individual situation. I was relocating to another state and through Susanna’s support I have established my business.”
– Victoria W., Graphics Designer, CA

“My career coach is an amazing and tireless person who understood my strengths and challenges. She was able to pinpoint where I struggled and showed me how to look at it from another point of view. She made it a positive. She is truly a coach extraordinaire – providing realistic ideas, and doable steps for continuous improvement. I am so grateful to her for her unshakable support during one of the most difficult times in my life.”  
– Karen P., Insurance Specialist, Los Angeles, CA

“I was referred by a colleague to Hi-Point Coaching. I was applying for a new position and had not updated my resume in quite some time and was very rusty in interviewing. I had a questionnaire to respond to as part of the application process with a very fast turnaround. Susanna updated my resume and customized it to the position. She also helped to edit my responses to the questionnaire. Later on she coached me on the interview and helped me prepare for the kinds of questions I would be asked. I found Susanna’s feedback very refreshing; she felt that my experience and skills were not a match for what was required and how to address the deficiencies. She was very encouraging and prepared me to be my best at the interview. I was most appreciative for her coaching and guidance and would highly recommend her if you are considering a career or job change.”
Wil G, Director, Financial Services, AZ

“My coaching sessions with Susanna were outstanding. She provided very helpful insight, guidance and encouragement. Her continued support throughout my career transition was more appreciated. She also redeveloped my resume and LinkedIn profile to align with the new focus of my career and was instrumental in getting me interviews.” 
Wanda C.S, Employee Human Resource Manager, GE Aviation

“My coach, Susanna Shamim, was very helpful. She helped me in my job search and our practice interview was especially helpful in getting me prepped and confident. With her help I landed a job in a different industry sector which I didn’t think was possible.”
– Alan S., IT Director, Housing Nonprofit Agency, CA

“Susanna’s mentoring and coaching helped me to gain clarity into a different career direction than what I was originally pursuing. I am well on my way with an internship and enrolled in law school.”
Sarah K., Legal Intern, U.S. Dept of Justice, Washington D.C.

“Susanna was very helpful and attentive and provided excellent networking strategies to assist in my search. Extremely helpful with development of my resume and profile to showcase my leadership abilities and I would highly recommend Susanna for her services.”
– R.B. , Plant Supervisor and Project Manager, Gillig, San Friancisco, CA 

“Susanna was amazing! Her guidance in what direction to head in my career is greatly appreciated. Her critique has made me see areas of improvement that I wasn’t aware of.”
– Sam M., Young Professional and College Student, CA

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