Executive Career Transition

Our Executive Career Services cater to existing or aspiring senior executives in positions at Director, Senior Director, Vice President and Senior Vice President or C-level executive positions. Our clients are also Business Owners who either seek to return to executive level employment.

Perhaps you plan to stay in the same industry, advance or change careers, start or purchase a business, serve on a board or as an advisor, or are still undecided, we will help you assess and choose your best option for the future with confidence.

Hi-Point has developed a comprehensive approach and a system built on expertise helping 1000s of clients to help you land your desired position.  What makes this approach effective is that we work with you through your career transition journey.  From helping you articulate your long-range career vision to developing strategies, tactics, and connections to help you achieve that vision. 

Our personalized support — including access to one-on-one coaching, leadership development, market intelligence, and personal branding services helps you move to the next stage of your career.   See our Executive Clients' Recommendations.

Your Executive Career Coach with deep industry experience brings a critical perspective to help you develop:

Career Marketing Plan

We listen to our client's current needs and priorities and guide them to choose one or more options that may suit their careers and personal lives including implications for their family:

      • Traditional corporate roles
      • Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital and Private Equity roles
      • Alternative careers (university teaching, writing, art, independent consulting, etc.)
      • Board service
      • Portfolio careers (combining part-time board service, advisory, and consulting).

Your marketing plan will include a digital networking strategy, targeted outreach to executives at companies or firms you have an interest in applying, as well as executive search firms in your target industries.  We will guide you through the process of how to approach search firms and assist you with letters of introduction and phone scripts.

Personal Branding

Why do you Need an Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile?

A well-crafted Executive Resume and Profile are your marketing collateral and are vital to your career transition in multiple ways:

      • If you have not been in the market in quite a while, resumes have drastically changed in style and content and are now focused on accomplishments, leadership style and your crowning achievements.  An outdated resume can set you back and take you out of competition.
      • Executive search firms seek candidates whose resumes and profiles have a clearly articulated value proposition which helps them to position you for open searches.
      • An optimized, well written and key word aligned LinkedIn profile will attract executive recruiters, private equity firms and talent acquisition specialists who are constantly scouring LinkedIn for candidates. LinkedIn is the number 1 platform for recruiting executive candidates and if you have a sparse or poorly worded profile, you will be overlooked for executive positions.
      • For those seeking to advance from middle management to an executive, the Executive Resume will elevate your stature, land more interviews for upper level positions for a higher title, and ultimately more compensation.

Interview Prep and Compensation Negotiation

So you get to the interview, what's next.  At the Executive level you can expect to typically undergo 4-5 interviews.  We prepare you on the types of questions and styles of interviews you may experience.  Our mock interviews coach and guide you on a response strategy and drive home your value elaborating on the broad themes of your career story.  Ultimately, we coach you through the final offer stage with counter offer strategy to get you the best possible comprehensive compensation package that recognizes your market value with salary benchmarking, stock options, bonuses, vacation benefits, travel or auto allowance and other perks.

Executive Career Transition Plans

Our Executive transition plans are designed to anticipate the support you'll need during your career journey.   We offer different Plans suited to your position and career transition needs.

SENIOR EXECUTIVES (SVPs, VPs, Regional Positions)
Executive Career Guidance and Coaching One-on-one advisory sessions and career plan development with the Executive Career Consultant/Coach
Resume Development(Aligned to Target Position) Executive Resume with Customization / Executive Bio for Consulting or Board Positions
Letters of Introduction and Thank you Customized Letters
Online Presence Assessment
LinkedIn Profile Development(Aligned to Career Direction) Executive Profile
Email and Chat Support
Interview Preparation Strategies and Mock Interviews
Executive Compensation Negotiation Salary Benchmarking, Stock Options, Equity Shares, Vacation Benefis, Auto Allowance, Travel Upgrades, etc.
Plan Prices Please contact us for a free consultation. We will assess and recommend the plan best suited to your needs and executive level.
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