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Career Advancement, Change, or Alignment

Our Executive Clients Include…

Our services cater to senior leaders of branded companies, Fortune 100 and 500 companies, mid-tier and  start-ups. Our clients choose our services because they desire to develop a distinctive brand that sets them apart from competitors in their industry or profession.

  • C-Suite executives with 20+ years of experience who are contemplating making a career change.
  • Executives at SVP, VP, Regional or Global Director roles aspiring for career advancement, company or industry change
  • Founders of companies who may have sold their company and are seeking their next challenge.
  • Retiring senior executives not yet ready to retire, who want to serve on for-profit and non-profit boards, consult and/or teach.

How We Work With You…

Hi-Point has developed a comprehensive approach and a system built on expertise helping 1000s of clients to help you land your desired position. What makes this approach effective is that we work with you through your career transition journey from beginning to end. As your Executive Coach and Career Consultant we help you elevate your brand for the next higher level position with the appropriate tone, posture and executive presence to approach each opportunity in informal networking, formal interviewing and  your digital presence and packaging of your marketing collateral (resumes, bios, letters of introduction, etc.) 

Career Change, Career Advancement or Career Reinvention?

Perhaps you plan to stay in the same industry, advance or change careers, start or purchase a business, serve on a board or as an advisor, or are still undecided, we will help you assess and choose your best option for the future with confidence.

From helping you articulate your long-range career vision to networking strategies, tactics, and connections to help you find opportunities, to brand development services (resume and LinkedIn profile), powerful letters of introduction, to interview preparation and finally compensation negotiation.

Our personalized support — including one-on-one coaching, leadership enhancement, market intelligence we improve your performance and prepare you for the next stage of your career either for position/industry change or advancement to the next higher level position.

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Career Planning

We are a partner in your next career move. Whether you have separated from your job as a result of involuntary reasons, or are contemplating leaving your position, or your field is no longer desirable, you can rely on us to help you map your career.  We listen to your needs and priorities and guide you to choose one or more options that may suit your careers and personal lives, including implications for your family.

We help you gain clarity of vision and direction, preferred work environment, and identify a new career path aligned to your strengths, unique talents and personality.


Marketing Collateral - Executive Resume, LinkedIn Profile and more

Why do you Need an Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile?

A well-crafted Executive Resume and Profile are your marketing collateral and are vital to your career transition in multiple ways:

  • Resumes have drastically changed in style and content and are now focused on accomplishments, leadership style and your crowning achievements.  An outdated resume can set you back and take you out of competition.
  • Executive search firms seek candidates whose resumes and profiles have a clearly articulated value proposition which helps them to position you for open searches.   
  • An optimized, well written and key word aligned LinkedIn profile will attract executive recruiters, and talent acquisition specialists who are constantly scouring LinkedIn for candidates. LinkedIn is the number 1 platform for recruiting executive candidates and if you have a sparse or poorly worded profile, you will be overlooked for executive positions.
  • For those seeking to advance from middle management to an executive level, the Executive Resume will elevate your stature, land more interviews for upper level positions for a higher title, and ultimately more compensation.

Executive Coaching for Interview Preparation

Executives know their self-worth and they know their strengths!

We coach you to draw out what makes you uniquely qualified in your industry and functional area in a powerful and impactful way in networking meetings and interviews.  

We coach to elevate your experience and draw out your value proposition.

The brand we articulate together will serve as the foundation for you to demonstrate your talents and leadership style to lead a division, team or company.

Our interview coaching guides you on a response strategy and drives home your value elaborating on the broad themes of your career story as well as specific strengths and expertise. We pinpoint areas for improvement and help you fine-tune your responses.

We also give you candid feedback on your overall executive presence, including communication style, body posture and speech patterns. By building awareness on your overall performance, we work with you to improve and enhance your verbal presentation of your career as well as a demonstration of leadership, leaving a favorable impression on your audience.

At the Executive level you can expect to typically undergo as many 5-6 or more interviews.

We prepare you on the types of questions and styles of interviews you may experience in your industry as well as the newest trends and techniques in interviewing.  Our interview prep coaching session are conducted by both Zoom video call and by phone

Compensation Offer Negotiation

And lastly, we coach you to negotiate your market value.  All too often, candidates hesitate asking for more money because they may feel the employer will turn them down if they ask for more than what they’re offering.  Negotiation is a skill that takes time to master.   We coach you on negotiation techniques and provide you talking points to help you get the best offer possible based on your experience and unique talents.  At the executive levels, compensation may include stock options, RSUs, performance bonuses and other perks which we help you negotiate

Remember, you have the most leveraging power when an employer wants you, so let’s use it for your advantage.

Select Testimonials 

With Susanna’s guidance, support and re-branding of my resume and profile, I’ve landed a new C-Suite position with a new medical group. She used a very distinctive style of resume that is none that I have ever seen before using graphs and quotes of my achievements. Her writing is superlative and she is able to create a cohesive career story and brand of my expertise. I will be referring some of my physician leaders to have their resumes and bios redeveloped by her.

Rudy G.

Chief Operations Officer, Sovereign Medical Group

Susanna, it was a rewarding experience working with you after leaving Nestle after a two decade run. You made my career transition much easier, helping me regain my confidence to market myself.  I appreciate your guidance and coaching  along with the rebranding of my resume and profile.  The introduction to the executive recruitment firm was a bonus.  And the final compensation offer and the relocation package that you helped me negotiate was much appreciated. I feel I received the best deal possible and have my dream job at Olam.  My wife and I are grateful for your support and assistance.  We both consider you a friend and will be calling upon you again. 

M. G.

Chief Operating Officer, Nestle NA

I highly recommend working with Susanna without hesitation. She took my experience and took it up a notch to position me for a CMO role.  She was able to articulate what my strength is to take companies into the 21st century with technology integration and understanding the consumer perspective.  We further collaborated on my search working with a search firm.  Susanna offered great advice and thoroughly prepped for the interview and offer process for my most recent career opportunity. Susanna is highly responsive, helpful and personable in her approach to executive coaching. Above all, she is an incredibly thoughtful listener and genuinely cares about helping her clients achieve success. With her support I’ve started 2019 with a new position at a new company in an expanded role. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Susanna.

Kimberley G.

Chief Marketing Officer/SVP, Mitsubishi N.A.

I am delighted to recommend Susanna Shamim. She was my executive coach and also executive career consultant. She facilitated my career transition and developed my executive resume and nonexistent LinkedIn profile which led to me getting invited for my current position. She also helped me with the compensation negotiation and I felt I got the best offer because of Susanna’s coaching me on all my value proposition and selling points. If you are going through a career change, you need Susanna as your partner for optimal results.

Kevin K.

Executive Vice President, Jacmar Foods (Formerly at Sysco)

I had the opportunity to work with Susanna from my departure from my position as a result of a restructuring. We worked on developing on a comprehensive approach to my career as I wanted to leave my industry and explore something different.  Susanna’s methodical approach to career exploration led me to something I had not considered in the non-profit sector as a CFO.  Not having been in the job market for awhile, Susanna’s guidance was much appreciated about networking and using LinkedIn to expand my circle of influence.  Susanna collaborated with me in developing a new brand that translated into an outstanding resume and LinkedIn Profile. I finally landed at a private institution and am delighted with the change of pace and environment.

G. B.

Chief Financial Officer, Paramount Home Media Division

I found Susanna to be incredibly prompt, with an amazing ability to really tailor your resume to fit any industry that you are currently in for career advancement or if you desire to transition to a different industry. She facilitated a successful transition for me, a casino executive to a great opportunity with Amazon. Susanna is extremely talented at working with candidates from mid-level executives to C-level. I also appreciate that Susanna checked in with me numerous times throughout my career transition to see not only if she could be of any further assistance, but to show that she genuinely cared about how things were going with my search. I have already recommended Susanna to several other friends in my network. I highly recommend Susanna and her company Hi-Point Coaching for you to truly have your personal brand resonate to elevate your career advancement or career transition, regardless of the industry.

Paul P.

Operations Leader, Amazon (formerly at Station Casinos)

I was referred to Susanna Shamim by another executive colleague who had used Susanna’s services and had given a glowing recommendation. And they were right! From our first conversation through the process of brand articulation and all throughout my career transition journey, Susanna was superb. She is articulate, intelligent, with executive IQ and really zeroes in on what you need. I’m sold on her and will keep returning to her every time I decide to change careers. I wish I had found her sooner.

Rik T., J.D.

Executive Vice President, Chief General Counsel, Viacom/CBS

Premium Package

For: Director, Sr. Director, AVP, VP or Entrepreneur

(Investment Varies by Position Level and Complexity of Experience and Industry)

  • Executive Career Guidance / Coaching Sessions for up to 6-9 months
  • Career Planning
  • Executive Resume Development
  • LinkedIn Profile Development Design and Optimization
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Networking Strategy
  • Digital Networking Guidance
  • Executive Coaching for Interviewing, Strategy and Practice Sessions
  • Compensation Negotiation Coaching


VIP Package

For: SVP, EVP and C-Suite Executive

(Investment Varies by Position Level and Complexity of Experience and Industry)

  • Executive Career Guidance / Coaching Sessions for up to 9 – 12 months
  • Career Planning with Assessments
  • Executive Resume Development
  • Executive Bio or Board Bio
  • LinkedIn Profile Development, Design and Optimization
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Letter to Search Firms
  • Networking Strategy and Digital Networking Coaching
  • Executive Coaching for Interviewing, Strategy and  Practice Sessions
  • Compensation Negotiation Coaching

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