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Who Needs Executive Coaching

Hi-Point Coaching provide customized coaching to executives, professionals and business owners to give you a professional edge in this highly competitive environment.

Executives retain my coaching services during times of difficult decision making or to get better results from their team, partners or board of directors.  As an Executive Coach, I serve as their confidential sounding board or guide my clients to alter or enhance their Leadership.

Resiliency is highly demanded of leaders.  Executives are thrust into crises and need to develop the fortitude to remain calm under pressure. I serve as their confidante and advisor, offering support and guidance in these challenging moments.

Companies retain my services to enhance the performance of high potential employees and executives;  and to intervene and build awareness on negative behaviors that are ffecting those around themI am a “Truth Teller” and will have those difficult conversations to help an executive or an employee gain insight into their blind spots.

You may be a brilliant driven leader, yet in your quest to succeed, you may have stopped listening to your inner voice or perhaps you never felt the need to listen or lead in a different way. The behaviors that once worked for you, may no longer be appropriate as you rise within the company hierarchy.

Some executives and emerging leaders may be ready to make a change and learn new behaviors, but don’t necessarily know how to develop themselves. According to a Stanford University survey, nearly two thirds of executives don’t receive outside leadership advice, but nearly all want it.

How we Work Together

A.  Chemistry Call:  Initially, we have a rapport building call and discuss how well we can communicate openly and honestly with each. If we feel we can work together, I will present you a proposal for my services.

B.  Assessments:  I may recommend a number of Assessments to identify personality or leadership style, strengths and areas for improvement. Through this information, I work with you to identify areas for improvement, identify coaching goals and develop a plan of action.

C.  Coaching Plan: As your confidential coach, you and I will work closely to do the follow in developing your coaching plan:

  • Identify your development goals
  • Identify issues or behaviors that are preventing you from reaching your goals.
  • Identify strategies and set milestones to help you reach your goals.

Executive Coaching is professional development and can be an enriching experience.  Are your ready to make a change?

There must be trust in your coach and willingess to take steps to change.

I am a partner in your success and ready to help you when you ready!

Select Client Testimonials

Susanna is an articulate, highly intelligent, and business savvy professional with sound advice and a very approachable demeanor. She's easy to connect with and able to find common ground while instilling confidence and encouragement in her clients. She's very engaged and invested in her client's success and it translates to a wonderful collaborative experience. Working with her was both enjoyable and enlightening.
– Linh M,  Vice President, Warner Bros, CA

I am so appreciative that I received guidance from Susanna Shamim during our coaching engagement.  She helped me to acclimate to my expanded responsibilities, establish priorities and delegate more to my team.  My natural leadership abilities needed to be refined in this new role and Susanna helped me gain awareness of some blindspots.  The 360 assessment was very eye opening and I'd recommend all leaders to use this for creating awareness.   I'm continuing to apply the coaching and strategies that I developed with Susanna.
– Scott H.,- V. President, Marketing, Warner Brothers

Susanna's approach is gaining deep understanding, guiding you toward possible solutions, encouraging you to try them, all in a way where she helps you discover what has been there all along. She’s truly talented at drawing out your best assets and then communicating it in an authentic but powerful way on your resume and profile.  She is equally effective in helping you communicate your message verbally to your audience in networking, pitching or interviewing. I recommend her to all my friends and several have benefitted from her coaching and personal branding.
- Jennifer K., V. President, Business & Legal, NBCUniversal

I retained Susanna as my executive coach while I was in a senior director role in a challenging position managing a team in the U.S. and one overseas on a multi-million dollar project that I was directing.   She helped me navigate the organizational politics and helped me communicate more effectively with my U.S. senior executives while improving my management of my overseas and local teams.  I found having Susanna to be an invaluable sounding board for my day to day challenges and to problem solve with an objective, yet intelligent and insightful executive coach. I learned much about myself and have improved my leadership style through the coaching I received.
- Rolando M., Senior Director, Walt Disney Imagineering

Susanna gave me the courage to be fearless and launch my consulting buiness.  I have been giving free advice to companies but lack the confidence to launch my own business.  Susanna listened to me and boosted my confidence and made realize that I have what it takes to be out on my own. She helped me overcome my fears.
- Linda H., Business Consultant

I came to Susanna at a pivotal point in my career when I was seeking to change my career direction while my company had just undergone a merger. She provided clear guidance on how to respond to the abrupt changes from the merger and how to deal with challenging situations occurring in my division. Having Susanna helped me gain perspective into my challenging work brought balance to my life. She further helped me identify and articulate how my current skills and experience could be transferred into my new position. Susanna "tells it like it is" and she is a great sounding board while empowering me to be my own best leader.
Barbara R., Executive Vice President Providence Healthcare

Susanna was able to coach me when I assumed a leadership role in a nonprofit organization. As a new executive, she helped me navigate board relations and develop rapport with my direct reports. I benefited tremendously from her insight into how to deal with administrative procedures as well as improve my communication style with the different constituencies I have to serve.
- Anne P., Executive, Nonprofit Organization, Long Beach



Executive Coaching

Customized to your needs, coaching can help you realize your full potential to achieve peak performance.  Below are some examples of areas where we have guided individuals:

  • Focusing on Results and Prioritizing
  • Enhancing Performance
  • Cultivating Deeper Client Relationships
  • Coping with Stress and Achieving Work/Life Balance
  • Adapting Effectively Across Cultures
  • Changing Communication Styles to Adapt to your Employees
  • Developing Executive Presence
  • Keeping Employees Engaged and Involved
  • Delegating for Employee Development
  • Navigating Leadership Challenges
  • Remaining Resilient in a Changing Environment
  • Dealing with Change: Mergers & Acquisitions, Layoffs and Downsizing
  • Effective Communication-Internal and External to Organization

Newly Promoted

“Forty percent of new managers fail in the first 18 months.” With our 3-12 month executive coaching program we can help ease your transition into your new position, allowing you to work smarter not harder:

  • Navigate office politics
  • Identify and enhance your natural leadership abilities
  • Become a more effective manager and team leader
  • Resolve conflict and deal with difficult personalities
  • Develop more effective management skills, delegation and supervising
  • Achieve peak performance without sacrificing life balance
  • Establish credibility by developing a polished professional persona
  • Enhance your Skills:  Public Speaking, Facilitation and Interpersonal Communications.

Lets Get Started!

Executive Coaching Packages start at $565

Please schedule an initial consultation to discuss these services.


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