Executive Coaching

Who Needs Executive Coaching

As Coaching has gained popularity, Hi-Point Coaching has been providing coaching to executives, professionals and business owners to develop themselves and to gain a professional edge in this highly competitive environment.

Executives use a coach as a confidential sounding board during times of difficult decision making or to get better results from their team, partners or board of directors by altering or enhancing the way they communicate and lead. Resiliency is highly demanded of leaders; they are called up to weather crises and remain calm under pressure. But it is lonely at the top and you need someone who can be there to listen and support you in these challenging moments.

Companies hire our services to enhance the performance of high potential employees and executives or as an intervention to help those who are sometimes unaware how their negative behaviors are affecting those around them. A Coach can be a “Truth Teller” and will have those difficult conversations to help an executive or an employee gain insight into their blind spots.

You may be a brilliant driven leader, yet in your quest to succeed, you may have stopped listening to your inner voice or perhaps you never felt the need to listen or lead in a different way. The behaviors that worked for you before, may no longer be appropriate as you rise within the company hierarchy.

Some executives and emerging leaders may be ready to make a change and learn new behaviors, but don’t necessarily know how to develop themselves. According to a Stanford University survey, nearly two thirds of executives don’t receive outside leadership advice, but nearly all want it.

How we Work Together

Initially, we have a call to get to know each other and discuss how well we get along and can communicate openly and honestly with each. If we feel that we have rapport with each other and decide to work together, I will present you a proposal for my services.

As your confidential coach, you and I will work closely to identify your development goals and what may be issues or behaviors that are preventing you from reaching your goals. I use a number of Assessments to identify personality or leadership style, strengths and areas for improvement. Through this information, I work with you to identify areas for improvement, identify coaching goals and develop a plan of action.

We’ll discuss and develop strategies and set milestones to help you reach your goals. This is your coaching plan and will guide our work together.

Executive Coaching is professional development and can be fun and exciting but you must be willing and wanting to change. You must also have trust in your coach and be open to take steps to change. I am a partner in your success!
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Lets Get Started!

If you’re working at a company who is seeking and executive coach or if you are seeking coaching for yourself, please contact me. I look forward to speaking with you. Please schedule an initial consultation to discuss these services.


Executive Coaching

Customized to your needs, coaching can help you realize your full potential to achieve peak performance.  Below are some examples of areas where we have guided individuals:

  • Focusing on Results and Prioritizing
  • Enhancing Performance
  • Cultivating Deeper Client Relationships
  • Coping with Stress and Achieving Work/Life Balance
  • Adapting Effectively Across Cultures
  • Changing Communication Styles to Adapt to your Employees
  • Developing Executive Presence
  • Keeping Employees Engaged and Involved
  • Delegating for Employee Development
  • Navigating Leadership Challenges
  • Remaining Resilient in a Changing Environment
  • Dealing with Change: Mergers & Acquisitions, Layoffs and Downsizing
  • Effective Communication-Internal and External to Organization

Newly Promoted

“Forty percent of new managers fail in the first 18 months.” With our 3-12 month executive coaching program we can help ease your transition into your new position, allowing you to work smarter not harder:

  • Navigate office politics
  • Identify and enhance your natural leadership abilities
  • Become a more effective manager and team leader
  • Resolve conflict and deal with difficult personalities
  • Develop more effective management skills, delegation and supervising
  • Achieve peak performance without sacrificing life balance
  • Establish credibility by developing a polished professional persona
  • Enhance your Skills:  Public Speaking, Facilitation and Interpersonal Communications.
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Locations Served:
  • Greater Los Angeles Area (in-person)
  • Anywhere in the U.S. or Canada (virtually)
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