Interview Coaching

Interview Prep

Don't be stumped by an interview question.

Let me share expertise and knowledge to help you gain confidence to sail through an interview.

You only have a brief time to make a connection with the interviewer(s) and present the most natural, and comfortable version of yourself.  However, because we tend to get tense in interviews, it is difficult for the interviewer to see that side of you. Our Interview Coaching services help you be ready to respond to all types of questions and challenging scenarios. Our interview prep includes:

  • scenario questions
  • behavioral questions
  • technical questions related to your position
  • responsee strategy to typical and difficult questions
  • use of storytelling techniques to make your responses memorable
  • practice conversation style interviews
  • practice panel style interviews
  • practice phone interview and in-person interview
  • help you identify areas you need to research for the type of position or specific industry
  • response strategy related to desired salary or compensation
  • critique your tone and demeanor, body language, and attire.
  • build your self-confidence!

Interview Prep Bootcamp

Practice interviews are an excellent technique for loosening you up for that singular opportunity to make a favorable impression.  We offer interview coaching  sessions for all levels:

  • Professional 
  • Executive
  • Creative
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Locations Served:
  • Greater Los Angeles Area (in-person)
  • Anywhere in the U.S. or Canada (virtually)
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