Professional Career Transition

For Professionals in Individual Contributor roles to Middle Management, including creative and technical specialists, sales, marketing, operations, analyst in corporations, businesses, non-profits, education institutions and governmental agencies.  (For higher level positions, please review our Executive Career Transition services).

Whether you plan to stay in the same industry/organization, advance or change careers, we have the services to help you make a career transition.

Hi-Point has developed a comprehensive approach and a system built on expertise helping 1000s of clients to help you land your desired position.  This is not a band-aid approach with a few tips and edits of your resume and profile.  What makes this approach effective is that we work with you in all the necessary phases of your career transition journeyFrom helping you articulate your long-range career vision to developing strategies, tactics, and connections to help you achieve that vision.  See our Professional Client Recommendations.

You are a collaborative partner in this process so you have to be willing to do the work along with us.

Personal Branding

Together we will crystalize and articulate your personal brand that we will then transfer into a distinctive, compelling resume and digital LinkedIn profile and a custom cover letter targeting the position qualifications.

Personal Marketing Plan

We will also help you develop a personal marketing plan to target companies you'd like to work for and help you build a strategy to develop connections to individuals or recruiters to notice you at those companies.  Whenever feasible and appropriate, we will introduce you to past clients at relevant  target companies.  We coach you to network with a focus and confidently market yourself so you're not just another resume but have formed a bond with internal organizational stakeholders.   Remember, relationships land you jobs!

Interview Coaching and Compensation Negotation

We coach you to exude confidence in the formal interview, and sometimes informal interviews and networking situations.  If you want others to believe in you, you must first believe in yourself and relate your career story in a compelling manner that draws the interviewer to you.  You want to have rapport with your interviewer.  Remember, people hire people that they like.  We boost your self-confidence and support you so that you can be bold and authentic in owning your accomplishments.  

And lastly, we coach you to negotiate your market value.  All too often, candidates are shy about asking for more money or afraid the employer will turn them down if they ask for more than what they're offering.   In fact, you're demonstrating to the employer that you're not a push-over and are asking for what you deserve based on your experience and unique talents.  Remember, you have the most leveraging power when an employer wants you, so let's use it for your advantage.

Professional Career Transition Plans

We offer different plans to suit your career transition needs.  Contact us for Plan Prices.

FEATURES Career Advancement
Career Change
Targeted Career Coaching/Consultation Sessions Focused on: Career Advancement, Industry/Position Change, Career Discovery or Career Reinvention; and Personal Marketing Plan Development
Personality Assessment
Brand Articulation
Resume Development (Aligned to target position) Customized Resume Customized Resume
Online Presence Assessment
LinkedIn Profile Development (Aligned to Career Direction) Digital Profile Digital Profile
Customized Cover Letter Cover Letter w/ Editing Cover Letter w/ Editing
Email and Chat Support
Interview Prep: Mock Interviews
Compensation Negotiation and Counter Offer Strategy
Connections to Hi-Point’s Network
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  • Greater Los Angeles Area (in-person)
  • Anywhere in the U.S. or Canada (virtually)
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