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HiPoint Customized Resume Development 

We customize your resume to your level of position, seniority level and industry.  In addition to Resumes we also develop LinkedIn Profiles, Curriculum Vitae (academic and scientific) and Bios for Consultants, Board Members and Entrepreneurs.  See Details, Client Testimonials, Resume Samples and Resume Packages below:

Executive Resumes, Bios and Profiles

C-Suite, EVP, SVP, VP, and Regional and Global Director roles

Hi-Point’s resumes are highly customized and personalized to the individual, executive level and industry.   We never use templates and create resumes from scratch from interviewing you and gathering information about your leadership style, personality, accomplishments, your values, strengths and what distinguishes your unique brand.  We use bold, compelling wording that elevates your stature and significance as a leader.

At the executive level, your resume will be viewed by executive search firms and executive recruiters so it has  to have more visual appeal.  In fact, the modern Executive Resume has color, graphic design, graphs and charts to break up text and takes the reader to what you want to emphasize about your career.  Please see samples of executive resumes below. 

We also develop Bios which are appropriate for consulting, board positions and for public speaking.  Our Bios are typically one page and we can create a shorter version with up to 300 words.

Professional Resumes and Profiles

Individual Contributors, Managers, and Director roles

For the Professional in individual contributor roles, either creative or technical, we target your customized Professional Resume to make a first favorable impression with compelling wording that demonstrates your experience, metrics driven accomplishments, major projects and unique talents and special skills aligned to your career direction.

✔  We go a step further to infuse your personality, character traits, and leadership abilities into your resume.

✔  Our contemporary easy-to-read, quick-to-scan format is also compliant with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

✔  Furthermore, your resume is optimized for searchability with key words from your target position, level of position, industry and specialization.

✔  We never use templates and create resumes from scratch in Word from interviewing you and gathering other information about you.

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Why you need an Executive or Professional Resume to Catapult your Career?

 A well-crafted Executive or Professional Resume is vital to your career transition in multiple ways:

✔  Resumes have drastically changed in style and content and are now focused on accomplishments, leadership style and your crowning achievements.

✔  An outdated resume can set you back and take you out of competition.

✔  Executive search firms, recruiters, and HR specialists seek candidates whose resumes have a clearly articulated value proposition.

✔  For those seeking to advance to an executive position, our Resume will elevate your brand, land more interviews for upper level positions for a higher title, and ultimately more compensation.

Why a LinkedIn Profile is Critical in Today's Digitally Connected World?

A well-crafted LinkedIn Profile is part of your brand and vital to your career transition in multiple ways:

✔  An optimized, well written and key word aligned LinkedIn profile will attract executives search firms, recruiters, and talent acquisition specialists who are constantly scouring LinkedIn for candidates. LinkedIn is the No. 1 platform for recruiting candidates. Don’t have sparse or poorly worded profile and be overlooked by recruiters.

✔   Because your social media profile is more widely viewed than your resume and has many more features than a static resume, we add your  skills, awards, organizational affiliations, volunteer work, patents, publications, and articles.

✔  Your profile is a 3-D depiction of all your accomplishments and experience. We can add project descriptions and collateral to add greater depth to your experience.

My Social Media Coaching and Guidance includes:

✔  How to expand your professional network, and get noticed by peers in your industry leading to useful connections that will potentially lead to your next position.

How to mine LinkedIn for job prospecting and also for business development and lead generation. 

✔ How to get the most from both free and subscription based LinkedIn programs. 

Letters of Introduction

Your letter of Introduction can be a powerful and memorable way to market yourself.

✔ Why they should hire you.
✔ What distinguishes you from your competitors.
✔ How your experience or skills translate to the target position.

We write letters of introduction and cover letters that pull together your experience in an attention grabbing way to have hiring managers notice and call you.

This is a recent client testimonial who landed an interview that ultimately led to a job offer.

This is FANTASTIC.  I am very happy with how you were able to convert my diverse experiences and tie it to the position in this letter. I am very impressed and grateful!!” – Patricia T., Marketing Executive, Redbull

What is your Brand?

Your Brand is more than a Resume.

As an Executive, a Business Leader, or a Professional, you bring value to your company, your employees and your clients. You have unique talents, abilities, and achievements  that distinguishes you from your colleagues and competitors. And we don’t just mean the titles you hold, and your degrees and credentials—your brand is more than that.   You are a business leader, a team leader, a passionate professional. It’s your professional Vision and Point of View, your authentic personality.  It’s also how you’re perceived in your industry by colleagues, employees and the larger community.

This is your professional brand and what is unique about you. To land that choice position, executive role or business opportunity, we make a strong case for why you should be selected.

We help you identify, define and capture your brand in a distinctive, engaging, compelling and memorable presentation in a Resume, CV, or Bio and LinkedIn ProfileWe elevate your experience, talents and accomplishments, reflect your unique leadership and your personality.

Discerning clients choose our services because they desire to develop a distinctive brand that sets them apart from competitors in their industry or profession.

✔  Our resumes and profiles get you noticed by recruiters, search firms, and hiring decision makers expeditiously.

✔  Our branding lands you interviews to coveted positions for leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies, leading mid tier companies, nonprofits and academic institutions.

✔  We also distinguish the brands of entrepreneurs, business owners and consultants to secure more clients and attract business opportunities.

✔  And we educate you on how to grow and expand your social media brand and use it as a tool for finding hidden jobs, and finding B2B and B2C opportunities for your business.

select Testimonials

 I would love to share my story with you…as I would not have been prepared for this without your support and coaching. Thank you for your time, insight and expertise during my transition process. I am happy to report that starting this week I am consulting for a Fortune 500 company, producing branded content for a Q1 new product launch. My field and skill set may be difficult for outsiders to understand, but your consulting bio helped me get the contract I wanted. I could not have locked this particular client without your help.

Jonathan C.

Chief Creative Producer, Formula 33 Creative

Susanna, it was a very insightful experience working with you in refreshing and enhancing my brand. You were also very helpful in getting me to recognize my own talents and take ownership of my power. I would not be where I am without your guidance and help with my personal brand (invaluable step!!) and resume and LinkedIn profile. I can’t thank you enough.

Noel K.

Senior Vice President, Marketing, OWN (formerly at Ellen)

With Susanna’s guidance, support and re-branding of my resume and profile, I’ve landed a new C-Suite position with a new medical group. She used a very distinctive style of resume that is none that I have ever seen before using graphs and quotes of my achievements. Her writing is superlative and she is able to create a cohesive career story and brand of my expertise.

Rudy G.

Chief Operating Officer, Sovereign Medical Group

I need to rebrand myself for Board positions. Susanna took me through a transformative process allowing me to shed my corporate skin and uncover the real me. She developed my new collateral to reflect my newly discovered passion to work with start-ups and mold younger CEOs. I am delighted to give her my full endorsement for the work we did together in repositioning my brand.

Robert C.

Board Advisor/Board Member to Start-ups, Former C-Suite Executive - Nestle

Susanna, I’m so glad we had the opportunity to work on my transition; it helped me focus for the interviews, and thank you for preparing a compelling and concise resume and an eye-catching LinkedIn profile that led me to landing the position.

Arun B., J.D.

Vice President, Operations, CA Wellness Foundation (formerly at Covered CA)

I am grateful that I decided to work with Coach Susanna, principal at High-Point Coaching. She asked the right questions and helped me focus on how to brand myself for my job search. Her resume writing skills are excellent and she was open to my ideas and revisions. Her collaborative, open and patient approach led us to a great result. Susanna is also a great career coach and I will definitely consider her expertise for consultations as I navigate this career transition.

Carolina T. R., AIA


Sample Resumes

CEO - Fortune 500

COO - Healthcare Group

CFO - Multinational Company

CTO - Large Entertainment Network

Chief Brand Officer - Media-Ent-Tech

Chief Sales Officer - Large Wellness Company

EVP - Marketing -Entertainment Co.

SVP - Global Strategy Officer - Tech Co.

Producer - Former VP Entertainment

Curriculum Vita-Govt, Nonprofit, Education

RESUME Packages and Pricing

As your Personal Branding Architect, Susanna Shamim, will develop a highly customized resume, CV, bio and profile that positions you for success.   Hi-Point offers different Resume packages appropriate for your functional specialty and position.


For: Individual Contributor, Manager, Director, Sr. Director, or Entrepreneur

(Investment Varies by Position Level and Complexity of Experience and Industry)

  • Career Consultation
  • Career Assessment
  • Professional Resume Development
  • LinkedIn Profile Development Design and Optimization
  • Cover Letter




For: AVP, VP, SVP, and EVP

(Investment Varies by Position Level and Complexity of Experience and Industry)

  • Career Consultation
  • Executive Assessment
  • Executive Resume Development
  • Additional Modifications to Resume
  • LinkedIn Profile Development, Design and Optimization
  • Letter of Introduction Or Letter to Search Firm
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Coaching


For: C-Suite (CE0, COO, CFO, CIO, CMO, CTO,CBO, CSO & other C-Suite Execs)

(Investment Varies by Position Level and Complexity of Experience and Industry)

  • Career Consultation
  • Leadership Assessment
  • C-Suite Resume Development
  • Additional Version of Resume or CV
  • Executive Bio
  • LinkedIn Profile Development, Design and Optimization
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Letter to Search Firms
  • Sample Social Media Messages
  • LinkedIn Coaching

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