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Career Advancement, Change, or Alignment

Our Professional Clients Include…

Our services cater to Individual Contributor roles to Middle Managers, including creative and technical specialists, sales, marketing, operations, analyst in corporations, businesses, non-profits, education institutions and governmental agencies. (For higher level positions, please see our Executive Career Transition services).

✔ Professionals between 7 – 10+ years of experience who are contemplating making a career change or advancement.

✔ Middle managers aspiring for career advancement, company or industry change.

✔ Free-lancers and consultants contemplating full-time employment.


How We Work With You...

Hi-Point prepares you for the next level position or pivots your career in a new direction, while positioning and guiding you to elevate your experience, coach you to self-promote and market yourself and groom you for leadership roles.

Hi-Point’s proven approach is effective because we partner with you through your entire career transition journey from beginning to end.  

Hi-Point helps you articulate your long-range career vision, develop networking strategies, tactics, and connections to help you find opportunities, brand your career with a compelling resume and LinkedIn profile, craft powerful letters of introduction, ace the interview and finally negotiate a comprehensive compensation package.  Our personalized support — including one-on-one coaching, leadership enhancement, and market intelligence, improves your chances for landing faster in your choice position/industry.


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Personal Marketing Plan

We help you develop a personal marketing plan to target companies you’d like to work for and help you build a strategy to develop connections to hiring mangers and recruiters to notice you at those companies. Whenever feasible and appropriate, we will introduce you to past clients at relevant target companies. We coach you to network with a focus and confidently market yourself so you’re not just another resume but have formed a bond with internal organizational stakeholders and identify hidden job opportunities. Remember, relationships land you jobs!

Professional Resume, LinkedIn Profile and more

Why do you Need a Professional Resume and LinkedIn Profile?

A well-crafted Professional Resume and Profile are your marketing collateral and are vital to your career transition in multiple ways:

  • Resumes have drastically changed in style and content and are now focused on accomplishments, your unique talents and your leadership potential.  An amateurish resume can set you back and take you out of competition.

  • Recruiters seek candidates whose resumes and profiles have a clearly articulated value proposition which helps them to position you for open searches.   

  • An optimized, well written and key word aligned LinkedIn profile will attract recruiters, and talent acquisition specialists who are constantly scouring LinkedIn for candidates. LinkedIn is the no. 1 platform for recruiting candidates and if you have a sparse or poorly worded profile, you will be overlooked for positions in your profession or industry.

  • For those seeking to advance from middle management to an executive level, a Professionally developed Resume will elevate your stature, land more interviews for upper level positions for a higher title, and ultimately more compensation.

Interview Preparation Coaching

We coach you to exude confidence in the formal interview. We coach you to relate your career story in a compelling manner that draws the interviewer to you and build rapport with him/her. Remember, people hire people that they like. We boost your self-confidence and support you so that you can be bold and authentic in owning your accomplishments.

We prepare you on the types of questions and styles of interviews you may experience in your industry.

Our interview coaching guides you on a response strategy and drives home your value elaborating on the broad themes of your career story as well as specific strengths and expertise. We pinpoint areas for improvement and help you fine tune your responses. We also give you candid feedback on your overall performance, including communication style, body posture and speech patterns. By building awareness on your overall performance, we work with you to improve and enhance your verbal presentation of your career as well as a demonstration of leadership, leaving a favorable impression on your audience.

As a result of Covid-19, many if not all interviews are being conducted through online media such as Zoom, WebEx, Skype and others. We coach you on how to best present your professional self and advise you on your appearance, lighting, and background as well as visual cues to watch for to keep your audience engaged.

Compensation Offer Negotiation

And lastly, we coach you to negotiate your market value.  All too often, candidates hesitate asking for more money because they may feel the employer will turn them down if they ask for more than what they’re offering.  Negotiation is a skill that takes time to master.   We coach you on negotiation techniques and provide you talking points to help you get the best offer possible based on your experience and unique talents.  Remember, you have the most leveraging power when an employer wants you, so let’s use it for your advantage.

Select Testimonials

Susanna was most helpful in my transition from working with smaller independent companies to a larger company in entertainment. I was most impressed with how she redeveloped my resume and profile; her writing is superior to any that I have seen. I had not been getting any results trying for several months on my own but her versions immediately started getting me noticed by recruiters. I found the interview coaching and compensation negotiation process very nerve wracking and Susanna was there to guide me through this part and I felt I really was able to get the best deal possible. I continue to recommend her to all my colleagues who are looking to make a career change and will back when I need her services again.

Jim F.

Creative Art Director, United Talent Agency (UTA) -Formerly Self-Employed

I was very lucky to have found Susanna through LinkedIn. I wanted to relocate from Las Vegas to Southern CA and Susanna helped me with my transition. She created a fabulous resume and profile leveraging all my service experience applicable to a civilian career in Supply Chain. I also found the interview coaching and the career guidance is what I needed to switch to a private sector position. I would highly recommend Susanna and Hi-Point Coaching and will be referring my colleagues to her.

Blain.H., MBA

Operations Manager, Siemems (Fomer U.S. Army, Battalion Commander/Lieutenant Colonel)

After months of frustrations and a few unsuccessful interviews, I decided to go a step further. That’s when I found Susanna. From the start, she was very clear on her approach and was able to quickly identify my weaknesses, sharpen my strengths, and point me in the right direction. In a matter of days, she redesigned my resume and LinkedIn profile, making them much more attractive to recruiters. She and I had several interview prep/coaching sessions also, which were of great help to say the least. She was able to point out my shortcomings during practice interviews and provided me with the most appropriate answers to both easy and convoluted questions. Within a few weeks, I started getting contacted by a number of interested parties and finally, I landed a job in which I was very interested. Susanna’s overall process is not only pragmatic and to the point, but also easy to follow and very educational. Her professionalism and expertise are immaculate and her understanding persona is very easy to work with. Thanks to her, today I have a much better understanding on how to approach potential career opportunities. I would like to strongly recommend Susanna and her services to anyone who’s looking for new opportunities.

Orville M.

Senior-Level Quality Manager, Hunter Douglas

I found Susanna through LinkedIn and selected her because she really responded to my request and took the time to understand where I wanted to take my career. Her career guidance and approach was appropriate for my situation. She was always responsive to my questions and concerns. Her treatment of my resume and profile immediately got the attention of recruiters. She also coached me and developed a detailed email response to make a counteroffer for the position I finally secured at a higher salary than what I could have negotiated on my own. I would highly recommend Susanna to anyone who is in career transition.

Kevin J.

Project / Program Manager (Top Security Clearance), Medical Device Co. -Formerly at Northrop Grumman

Susanna did an outstanding job with my resume and LinkedIn profile, and through her coaching gave me the confidence I needed going into my employment search. I wish I’d hired her sooner. It had been 12 years since my last job search and A LOT had changed, including the fact that I was “older,” i.e., over 50, which made my situation much more challenging. With Susanna’s help I was able to get through some of the more difficult interview questions and correct some of the mistakes I was making in presenting myself to potential employers. I found a great position with a wonderful company and couldn’t be happier. If anyone ever asks me about hiring a career coach I would definitely recommend Susanna.

Nina Z.

Paralegal, Corporate Law, Wells Fargo

Susanna is an amazing coach. She helped me transition into a managerial role after being in a technical role for about 20 years. As a coach, she patiently listened to my stories, strengths and challenges, encouraged me when I felt down and hopeless. Using her various workbooks and techniques, she helped me establish my personal brand highlighting my strengths while coaching me to overcome those challenges. In addition to the personal branding exercise, I found her interview techniques and practices to be extremely effective and valuable. In a way, working with her helped me discover and understand myself better. I couldn’t have made my career jump without Susanna! I would wholeheartedly (and did) refer Susanna to anyone who’s looking to transform and elevate their career.

Petricia W.

Application Development Manager, Cetera -Formerly at Boeing

Career Accelerator Package

For Professionals seeking Career Advancement

(Investment Varies by Position Level and Complexity of Experience and Industry)

  • Career Guidance to Accelerate your Search
  • Professional Resume Development
  • LinkedIn Profile Development, Design and Optimization
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Networking Guidance
  • Interview Preparation and Practice Sessions
  • Compensation Negotiation Coaching


Career Reinvention Package

For Professionals seeking Career or Industry Change

(Investment Varies by Position Level and Complexity of Experience and Industry)

  • Career Guidance to Reinvent your Career
  • Career Assessment & Career Roadmap
  • Professional Resume Development for New Career
  • LinkedIn Profile Development, Design and Optimization
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Networking Guidance
  • Interview Preparation and Practice Sessions
  • Compensation Negotiation Coaching

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