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Changing, Expanding or Reinventing your Business

How We Work With You…

Are you an aspiring consultant or entrepreneur thinking about starting a business but don’t know how to get started? Or are you an existing business owner who is experiencing growing pains?

Existing business owners, entrepreneurs and consultants retain my help during periods of change, transition, or when seeking clarity growing your business. As a Business Consultant and Coach, I serve as a sounding board, guide and advisor to help you identify options and alternatives, and tap your own creativity to find a path to success.

 Aspiring Entrepreneurs/Consultants:

  • Identify your potential to be in business for yourself
  • Help you start a business
  • Help you discover your niche
  • Develop a business plan
  • Brand your business on LinkedIn
  • Develop a marketing plan and how to find customers/clients
  • Perfect your business pitch

Existing Business Owners:

  • Refine your business model
  • Discover new business niches
  • Diversify your services
  • Rebrand your business on LinkedIn
  • Overcome pain points
  • Channel creativity and regain passion for your business
  • Hiring and recruiting talent for your business
  • Establishing policies, processes and systems for expansion

Business Branding

What is your unique selling proposition, your brand?

How do you differ from your competition?
✔ We help you clarify your message and communicate your competitive advantage in your marketing materials, your business bio and social media profile.
✔ For those seeking to start a career in consulting, we help you clarify your core competencies, your value proposition, and develop a sample work portfolio.
✔ Our advanced offerings include support with:

  • Branding your Business on LinkedIn
  • Website copy development
  • Establishing a legal business structure
  • Securing insurance
  • Business license, and special certifications for your business


I appreciate the advice and support of Susanna as I transitioned from the role of corporate executive to entrepreneur. Susanna is not only a highly effective coach and teacher but was invaluable due to her personal experience in starting, growing and managing a business. As a successful businesswoman she provided advice on refining my business model, defining the services I provide, developing my infrastructure as well as perfecting my pitch.  She helped me to explore networks and identify critical partners. Her guidance has been instrumental in my decision to expand my business and take a new path!

Lynn F.

Small Business Consultant, (Former Regional VP, Bank of America)

I found Susanna Shamim at a pivotal point in my life. Having been an executive for many years and a company man, I came to a crossroads which forced me to reinvent my career late in my professional life. Working with Susanna, I came to the realization and awareness of the expertise and talents I had acquired and how I could leverage them into a consulting business and as a keynote speaker. With Susanna’s coaching I found a new voice. She was instrumental in helping me build a new brand for my business. She is very gifted at drawing out the best in people. I am a fan of Susanna and recommend her highly.

Dennis M.

Advisor & Keynote Speaker, Former Division President at Paramount and Disney

As an inventor and artist, I felt that I needed to find a job but Susanna guided me to see that I needed to follow my passions and the work would come.  I believe that I’m doing what I’m meant to do.  I have found my vocation and I get joy and fulfillment from the inventions I create to help people.  I’m extremely happy with my engagement with Susanna and she also rebranded my experience in a very professional bio, resume and profile that is in line with my career aspirations.

Mike B.

Innovative Design Engineer & Industrial Designer

Susanna is a great leadership coach and she helped me realize my self-worth.  She gave me the courage to leave my job and start my own firm.  She also elevated my experience in my resume and profile and coached me to navigate difficult and uncomfortable situations at my company.   I’m so grateful I found Susanna.  Again, thank you for everything.

Amanda B.

Creative Designer, Las Vegas, NV

I found Susanna after I sold my Publishing Business and was at a crossroads in my life and didn’t really know what I could do as all I knew was publishing.  Working with Susanna, I discovered the many skills I had developed as a business owner.  She gave me a voice to position this experience into a new businesses.  With her patient listening, coaching and guidance, I’ve found a way to market myself that I could not have found on my own.

Scott L.

Lifestyle Magazine and Website, (Former Publisher of Tiger Beat and Teen Beat Magazines)

I was fortunate to find Susanna through LinkedIn.  Initially I engaged her services because I wanted to return to employment after being in  business for myself.  I was feeling that I had taken my business as far as I could go.  Susanna helped me discover that I’m an entrepreneur at heart and I needed to freshen my business model and develop new service offerings to diversify.  I came out of our coaching engagement with a renewed sense of my abilities and passion for why I got into business in the first place.  Working with Susanna I began to see myself as a leader and gained more self confidence.  I’ll be back to Susanna for ongoing support and guidance in retooling my business.

Barry W.

Small Business Owner / Entrepreneur

Susanna is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the personal success of her clients. Among other things, she provided advice and support that was instrumental in helping me start my own business. If you want to work with someone who really cares about seeing you achieve your goals, go with Susanna.
John S.

Entrepreneur & Maritime Security Consultant, , Former Coast Guard Commander and Senior Vice President, Princess Cruises

I was most appreciative of Susanna’s support transitioning from consulting for many years back to an executive position.  She helped me identify and articulate my value in the marketplace and drew out these in my new resume which is really outstandingShe was more than a Career Coach but also an Executive Coach and Business Coach, guiding me on how to close the deal.  I appreciated her strategy for compensation negotiation which resulted in me getting everything I wanted.  I’m most satisfied and will be using Susanna’s services in the future

Todd R.

Vice President, Music Publishing, E-One, (former Consultant and Artist Agent)

Business Consulting

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Existing Business Owners

(No. of Sessions Vary based on Needs)

  • Guiding entrepreneurs to develop a platform to make the leap from idea to action; identify challenges and craft solutions to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and mission success
  • Entrepreneurship Assessment
  • Brand Development
  • Goal Setting and Action Planning
  • Sessions conducted by phone, in-person, Zoom or Skype

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