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I’m pleased to recommend Susanna Shamim, principal of HiPoint Coaching who was recommended to me by a colleague. She and I partnered when I wanted to pursue a new opportunity applying my knowledge and expertise in enterprise-wide digital transformation. Susanna was excellent as a coach and led me through a process of self-discovery to more clearly articulate my value proposition as a leader. Her branding of my executive resume was very distinctive and received the necessary traction, opening doors to many conversations which eventually led me to landing my next position. I’m very grateful to have met Susanna and will be using her services in the future as well as referring colleagues.

– Brad C., Chief Digital Officer (CDO) GLOBALFOUNDRIES




I was a senior executive who just exited a 12-year tenure in an amazing job due to consolidation….and then the pandemic hit. Being a senior exec in the entertainment industry looking for a new position during the pandemic was daunting. I started working with Susanna and the dark clouds just dissipated. She’s smart, strategic, honest, kind (but doesn’t sugar coat things, which I appreciated so much), and not only helped me create a top-notch resume and linkedin profile, but she also greatly assisted me in understanding my true value, boosted my confidence and helped me narrow my goals. Her advice, as well as her various exercises and interview prep, was invaluable. I can’t recommend Susanna enough! Grazie mille, Susanna!
Rik T., Chief Legal Counsel, Russo Bros. Productions  (former Chief Legal Officer, CBS Films)

Susanna provided the insight, motivation and articulation I needed to meet my COVID career goals. She helped me identify my current strengths (they can change!), provided radical candor when I needed it and encouraged me to be more aggressive in my networking. She did this while walking me through a focused approach to my goals. Trust the process! I will continue to work with Susanna as I reach new milestones..
– Nicole E., Vice President, Global Publishing Sales, Disney

Susanna Shamim- Executive Career Coach is the partner you want if you want to land in the C-Suite. She has a way of drawing out your best qualities and gives you all the encouragement, support, and “tough love” you need to land. Her superlative abilities to profile me in a distinctive C-Suite resume and LinkedIn profile opened doors for multiple interview opportunities. The climb to the C-Suite is not easy and having Susanna in your corner as a coach, confidante, and advisor is absolutely essential. I couldn’t have gone through the multiple rounds of interviews. And finally, when it came to negotiating compensation, she boosted my confidence and gave me talking points to get the best package I could have gotten. I’m very appreciative to Susanna and would encourage you to engage her services immediately—don’t waste time looking for anyone else.
–  Jill C., Chief Financial Officer, Catalina Island Conservancy

A friend and colleague introduced me to Susanna Shamim and I am very grateful that our paths have crossed.  While I was seeking a professional to help me develop my resume and LinkedIn Profile, I received much more and received the executive level insight I needed to capitalize on my expertise.  Susanna is an “Executive Whisperer”—she refines your brand in a very nuanced way, refining and polishing bringing out your best qualities that one cannot stop asking is that really me—and it is.  She has a way of authentically painting you in words that are Compelling and Distinctive which is how she describes her resumes and profiles which they are.  I have truly enjoyed working with Susanna and was felt so prepared when the opportunity came knocking for my next level position.  
–   Alex L., Senior Vice President, Business Development, Sony

I highly recommend working with Susanna Shamim without hesitation. She completely developed my resume and my LinkedIn profile, and provided great advice so I was thoroughly prepped for the interview and offer process for my most recent career opportunity. Susanna is highly responsive, helpful and personable in her approach to executive career transition. Above all, she is an incredibly thoughtful listener and genuinely cares about helping her clients achieve success. I’ve returned to Susanna with each transition and have started 2021 with a new position and a new company in an expanded role.  
– Kimberley  S. G., Chief Marketing Officer/ Volkswagen N. America (former Chief Marketing Officer, Mitsubishi N.A.)  Repeat Client

Susanna was wonderful to work with. She helped me summarize years of experience and skills in a clear and concise way for my resume and LinkedIn profile and beyond. She is gifted at drilling down to get to the experience most important to highlight. Her own career experience and insight are valuable assets. I highly recommend her!
– Shannon T., Executive Director, Brent Shapiro Foundation, Los Angeles

In our initial consultation, Susanna Shamim really spent time getting to know me and affirmed that she was the right Career Coach for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself working with her. She has elevated my brand not only in my resume and sparse LinkedIn Profile from a technician to a manager but she has coached me to think from a leadership perspective and also to market myself as a leader in interviews. She was very patient but also direct with me, coaching me on how I needed to change and elevated me for a higher level position. Through her efforts I’ve landed a position at the compensation level I had desired. I would recommend that you put your trust in retaining Susanna Shamim to guide your career and elevate your brand.
–   Ralf G., Head of Engineering, SAP

I had the good fortune to find Susanna during my transition. I was looking for assistance in freshening my resume and LinkedIn profile. Susanna was very professional and knowledgeable and was able to refine my CV and created a shorter resume as well and I was very quickly contacted by recruiters which ultimately led to the interview with a medical group. Susanna provided strategic knowledge and advice during the interview process and was also very helpful in helping me negotiate my compensation. I would highly recommend her career services.
– Warren V.., MD, President and CMO, Healthcare Partners

With Susanna’s guidance, support and re-branding of my resume and profile, I’ve landed a new C-Suite position with a new medical group. She used a very distinctive style of resume that is none that I have ever seen before using graphs and quotes of my achievements. Her writing is superlative and she is able to create a cohesive career story and brand of my expertise. I will be referring some of my physician leaders to have their resumes and bios redeveloped by her.
– Gerard P., MBA- Chief Operations Officer – Intermountain Health 

I retained Susanna to redevelop my resume and LinkedIn profile and to coach me on interviewing. I know my field but cannot always articulate all my own strengths and capabilities. Working with Susanna was very enlightening and I gained greater confidence in being able to convey all that I have accomplished in my long career. I would highly recommend Susanna to anyone who is in need of a career coach. She also did a fabulous job on representing my accomplishments on my resume and LinkedIn profile.
– Danita D., MBA, RN, Chief Nursing  Officer, Henry Mayo Hospital

I was referred to Susanna by a colleague when I retired from Nestle and was interested in rebranding myself for Board positions. Susanna took me through a transformative process allowing me to shed my corporate skin and uncovering the real me. She developed my new collateral to reflect my newly discovered passion to work with start-ups and mold younger CEOs. I am delighted to give her my full endorsement for the work we did together in repositioning my brand.
– Robert C., Corporate Board Member-working with start-ups (Former Chief Marketing Officer – Fortune 100)

Susanna I have great appreciation of how you were able to refresh my background and elevate my experience to the C-Suite. You are truly talented at what you do. I’ve enjoyed learning from you and will continue to deploy what you have shared for all future positions. Thank you!
– Joseph M. – Chief Information Officer – Oil Refining Industry


I am delighted to recommend Susanna Shamim, Executive Career Coach and Branding Strategist.  Susanna brings deep insight, knowledge and understanding on how to best position executives for advancement.  She articulated my leadership brand in a new executive resume and aligned and optimized my LinkedIn Profile that immediately opened me up to several opportunities. But more importantly, through her coaching and guidance she empowered me to exercise on my leadership and influence.  The work we did was the foundation for catapulting my career and elevating me into a Partner position with commensurate compensation package, that exceeded my expectation. I would not hesitate retaining Susanna and will continue to engage her as I grow into my next position.  I would recommend you engage her immediately.
– Asif E., Operating Partner – Blue Light Capital, Private Equity Firm 

I interviewed several career coaches but none of them had the knowledge of higher education or education that Susanna had. Immediately we clicked in the first call and later meeting. She understood my world and in our year long engagement, she was there as my advisor and confidante. She customized my Presidential CV and profile and wrote my cover letters. I’m pleased where I have landed and was most impressed by Susanna’s professionalism, vast knowledge and business acumen and would recommend her highly.
– Alex P, Ph.D., President, Higher Education Institution

Susanna, I’m so glad we had the opportunity to work on my transition; it helped me focus for the interviews, and thank you for preparing a compelling and concise resume and an eye-catching LinkedIn profile that led me to landing this position.
– Aruna  B., J.D., Vice President, Operations, CA Wellness Foundation

I highly recommend Susanna and Hi-Point. Susanna is experienced, smart, talented and her skill sets, from writing to coaching to professional interview, CV and networking best practices, are stellar. Along with her professional background, Susanna’s committed to her clients.  She’s a gem!
– Kate C.O., PhD – Director of Marketing and Communications, USC Shoah Foundation (Former Assoc V. Pres.,  Brand Strategy, Claremont McKenna College)

Thank you for all your support and assistance with my executive transition. I’ve recently accepted a President’s position and will be referring your services to colleagues and friends.

– Jeff H. J.D., Chief Sales Officer, Beachbody

I found Susanna Shamim, principal of HiPoint Coaching through online search and decided to work with her because her credentials and experience stood out among others who offer similar services. Susanna was able to artfully articulate my brand and career story in my resume and LinkedIn profile, which opened doors to multiple interviews. She coached me throughout the interview process from interview prep to recap and lessons learned. Her encouragement and support helped me stay positive when certain interviews didn’t go so well. From the time I started to work with her until the time I landed a new job, it only took three months. It has been a wonderful experience working with Susanna. She is the best career coach one can find and working with her has been one of the best investments I’ve made!

– Rebecca S. AVP, Financial Systems, Berkeley Insurance (formerly with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kemper)

When I first reached out to Susanna, I only intended her to help me put together a bio but after I saw how artfully she portrayed my 30+ year long career on one page, I wanted her to rewrite my lengthy 5 page resume and also revamp my profile. Susanna knows how to work with executives and the resume and profile she produced for me has given me the competitive edge and recruiters are courting me for opportunities. I felt I had made a very wise investment in retaining Susanna’s services.
– Tom M. F., Ph.D., – Chief Technology Leader, Startups 

Susanna is very insightful and able to paint a profile that is a reflection of your professional self, but in a much more eloquent and refined way that I could not have done myself. Her executive coaching and guidance is spot on and if you follow it you will see results. She is very understanding and accommodating of busy executives . I found her to be very sensitive of organizational politics and always responsive. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner during my career transition.
– Ron T.– Chief Strategy Officer & Information Technology – Entertainment Distribution 

I was pleasantly surprised when I met Susanna on LinkedIn. She reached out to me and had studied my background and knew how to position me in our initial conversation. Her approach and methodology is very thought provoking and highly personalized so that the final outcome of my resume and profile is just great. Susanna was able to translate my complex background and present it in a way a layperson can understand it and also elevates my capabilities to a potential company looking for my unique experience.
– John H. – Vice President – Oracle 

 Susanna is a very gifted and insightful coach who is able to pull out the relevant information and sift through all the noise and clutter to draw out the best qualities and attributes.  I’m a technical expert and while I’ve accomplished a lot in my life and have brought countless innovations to the Entertainment Industry.  I only began to see myself as an executive when I worked with Susanna.   She made me appreciate all that I have to offer in not only in technology but the countless people I have groomed under me including other executives.   She has redeveloped my resume and profile for executive positions and has coached me on how I need to market myself.  I’ve successfully transitioned and I owe it to Susanna’s guidance and work.

– Howard M., Technology Executive – Fomerly at Fox, transitioned to Disney

Susanna is excellent at drawing out professional accomplishments and positioning you to present you in the most stellar manner. I retained her as an Executive Career Consultant and to help me rebrand my resume and profile and I was most pleased with the results. She understood my strengths and personality and was able to reflect them in my new executive resume and profile. I feel that I’m ready to explore other career options with the tools I have acquired from working with her.
– Kelley G. – Senior Vice President, Beach Body, CA

After doing much research on who to hire to help me transition my career, I reached out to Susanna, principal of Hi-Point Coaching. Susanna is a Personal Branding Architect and Executive Career Consultant offering comprehensive support during career transition from guidance, resume development, interview prep and compensation negotiation. She spends a great deal of time getting to know you so she can be the most impactful for your personal situation. I found Susanna to be incredibly prompt, with an amazing ability to really tailor your resume to fit any industry that you are currently in for career advancement or if you desire to transition to a different industry. She facilitated a successful transition for me, a casino executive to a great opportunity with Amazon. Susanna is extremely talented at working with candidates from mid-level executives to C-level. I also appreciate that Susanna checked in with me numerous times throughout my career transition to see not only if she could be of any further assistance, but to show that she genuinely cared about how things were going with my search. I have already recommended Susanna to several other friends in my network. I highly recommend Susanna and her company Hi-Point Coaching for you to truly have your personal brand resonate to elevate your career advancement or career transition, regardless of the industry.
– Paul P. – Senior Global Hospitality Consultant, Amazon (Fomer General Manager – Station Casinos) Las Vegas

It’s been a delightful experience in working with Susanna Shamim-HiPoint Coaching. Working with her I’ve come to better under my strengths. More importantly, she has been able to portray my career in a very powerful way positioning me for the next opportunity. I’m extremely pleased with how my resume and profile have turned out and it is so authentic yet unique. I will continue to use Susanna’s services for career guidance as my career evolves. She is a fountain of information about so many industries and is always candid with where she believes your next career move should be.
– Barbara J., J.D., SVP, Business & Legal Affairs – Universal 

My company was going through downsizing when I was referred to Susanna. I engaged her for a comprehensive career transition as I had not been in the job market in 20 years and the thought of looking for a new job was very daunting. Working with Susanna, I gained so much confidence and more importantly, realization that I was very competitive in today’s job market. I felt empowered and have successfully transitioned into a new position, much closer to my home. I would highly recommend Susanna as a career coach to help you freshen or rebrand your career if you find yourself in the job market again.

– Tanya L., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Vice President, Human Resources, Alpine Electronics

Susanna it was a pleasure working with you and thank you for working with me through our merger and integration. I’m so pleased with the way that my resume and profile turned out. I landed the first job I applied to with your new resume. I appreciated all the guidance and coaching on compensation and excited to start my new position in January.

– Joanne E., Vice President Human Resources, Suburban Water (Formerly at Boeing)

Steven W. – Emmy Award Winner Independent Producer of Documentary Films (Former VP-NBCU)

After a long executive career at the network, I launched my own production company and while I’ve been successful in developing new projects, I needed help in articulating how to convey this change in my career direction. I met Susanna and she immediately understood my industry. She was able to give words to my vision and clarify my brand and what I want to be known for as I create new content in documentaries and dramatic films. Susanna has a way of drawing me in words that is powerful and empowering.
She is astute and is able to create a new profile of my new career path and reflect my POV and the types of projects. I would recommend anyone in the entertainment industry whether you’re a producer, director, editor or executive to trust Susanna. She knows how to bring out the best in you.

Ralph S., J.D., SVP, Amazon, Live Programming, Digital Strategy, and Integrated Marketing
Susanna I’m extremely pleased with your services. This has been quite a journey for me and I’m glad I retained your services. This kind of self-reflection has been invaluable in learning how to play up my strengths and develop a personal brand. My executive resume, bio and profile are so much superior than what I could have done on my own. Thank you!

Sarah G., Senior Entertainment Marketing Executive, OWN

Susanna, it was a very insightful experience working with you in refreshing and enhancing my brand.   You were also very helpful in getting me to recognize my own talents and take ownership of my power.  I would not be where I am without your guidance and help with my personal brand (invaluable step!!) and resume and LinkedIn profile. I can’t thank you enough.

Kerry B., J.D., V. President, Business & Legal, Sony 

Susanna was a great support during my transition. I had been with the same company for over 13 years. She guided me through networking which I had let lapse. She also customized my resume and profile and made as needed adjustments as I applied to positions. She’s truly talented at drawing out your best assets and then communicating it in an authentic but powerful way on your resume and profile. She is equally effective in helping you communicate your message verbally to your audience in networking, pitching or interviewing. She proactively checked on my progress throughout our engagement at the exact moment I needed it; its almost as if she has a sixth sense and she kept checking on me even after our contract ended until I landed my position and then checked to see how I was doing on the new job. It’s this customer service that I really appreciated about her. The next time I have to go through a career change, I will definitely be calling Susanna.

I was searching for help writing a resume and Susanna stood out from the crowd on LinkedIn with a personalized approach to helping me with my resume. After my initial consultation I realized Susanna is far more than someone who can create a resume, she is a career coach who will guide you through the process of a career transition. I opted for the Career Accelerator plan and I received an outstanding makeover of my LinkedIn profile and resume that was created from scratch. Susanna has been named one of The Best Career Coaches  by LinkedIn Profinder because she is truly the best at what she does.

– Gerry G., Regional Operations Director, Amazon

I am delighted to recommend Susanna Shamim. She was my executive coach and also executive career consultant. She facilitated my career transition and developed my executive resume and nonexistent LinkedIn profile which led to me getting invited for my current position. She also helped me with the compensation negotiation and I felt I got the best offer because of Susanna’s coaching me on all my value proposition and selling points. If you are going through a career change, you need Susanna as your partner for optimal results.

– Kevin K., EVP, Jacmar Foods 


Susanna, thank you for your support in helping me advance within my company and for patiently working with me. Your treatment of my resume and profile elevated my experience and your interview prep was just what I needed to position me for the V.P. for Supply Chain.

– Jennifer G., Vice President Supply Chain, Nestle Starbucks 

Allison M., General Manager, Nobu Hotel, Los Cabos (former Vice President, Food & Beverage, Caesars Entertainment, Las Vegas)

Susanna Shamim, thank you for helping me earn the promotion that I was seeking. Thank you for developing a powerful resume that captured my achievements and for coaching me to polish my interviewing. Your coaching me on how to ask for more compensation was empowering and I’ll be using all these techniques from hereon.

Carol S., Vice President – Strategic Operations, DineBrands (formerly with Aramark)

I had the pleasure of using Susanna Shamim’s- Hi-Point Coaching services when I was downsized from a company I had been with for a fairly long time. Susanna helped me to focus my search and got me ready to compete for more advanced positions. She completely redeveloped my resume and profile and guided me through the interview process. I would recommend her highly.

Yohannes T., National Accounts Manager – Diageo Wines (formerly at Kellogg)

Susanna was an excellent resource during my career transition. She provided critical feedback and guidance relative to my candidacy in the job market, resume and career goals. I was thoroughly prepared for my interviews following her tailored coaching sessions. Equally important-she will continue to support me with on-going executive mentorship to enhance my overall profile and upward mobility.

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