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Hi, I'm Susanna Shamim

Susanna ShamimWhy My Clients are Successful in Advancing in their Careers when they work with me?

I leverage my talents in three ways for your successas a Career Storyteller, Brand Strategist, and Executive Career Consultant.

Bringing you wealth of Knowledge and Experience of 30 years as an Executive working in the C-Suite, Advising other Executives, Hiring and Developing Leaders.  And I’m leveraging for my clients, my talent for impactful writing for business, marketing, and securing $Millions in public and private funding.

I help my clients Stand out from the Competition, Advance to the next higher position and land at Coveted, Branded Companies earning higher compensation. I also help business owners and entrepreneurs reposition their business, discover/ renew enthusiasm or new niches for your business

I thread your career history into a  Clear, Distinctive Brand (through resumes, bios, and profiles) and Grab the Attention of recruiters, search firms or decisionmakers, Compelling them to call you.

My advice and counsel is focused on helping you reach Clarity, gain Focus and Self-Confidence in what you Excel in and what are your unique Strengths–this is your Value Proposition and the Secret of your Success!

I Empower your Success…

Read my Client Successes below on how I’ve helped them with a proven approach to career enhancement, with knowledge about the latest trends in hiring executives and impactful techniques to market yourself. 

Partner with me when you want to Advance or make a Career Change.

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Select Testimonials

I’m pleased to recommend Susanna Shamim, principal of HiPoint Coaching who was recommended to me by a colleague. She and I partnered when I wanted to pursue a new opportunity applying my knowledge and expertise in enterprise-wide digital transformation. Susanna was excellent as a coach and led me through a process of self-discovery to more clearly articulate my value proposition as a leader. Her branding of my executive resume was very distinctive and received the necessary traction, opening doors to many conversations which eventually led me to landing my next position. I’m very grateful to have met Susanna and will be using her services in the future as well as referring colleagues.

Brad C.,

Chief Digital Officer , GlobalFoundries (former CIO, Lexmark)

I was a senior executive who just exited a 12-year tenure in an amazing job due to consolidation….and then the pandemic hit. Being a senior exec in the entertainment industry looking for a new gig during the pandemic was daunting. I started working with Susanna and the dark clouds just dissipated. She’s smart, strategic, honest, kind (but doesn’t sugar coat things, which I appreciated so much), and not only helped me create a top-notch resume and linkedin profile, but she also greatly assisted me in understanding my true value, boosted my confidence and helped me narrow my goals. Her advice, as well as her various exercises and interview prep, was invaluable. I can’t recommend Susanna enough! Grazie mille, Susanna!

Rik T., J.D.

Chief Legal Counsel - Business & Legal Affairs Executive (former CLO-CBS Film), AGBO - Entertainment

Susanna Shamim is an outstanding career development coach. Over the past year I’ve worked to reposition, flex and evolve my personal brand. Through the entire journey, Susanna’s inspirational coaching approach has sparked my career evolution—pushing me to create a narrative that meshes well with today’s industry needs. Today, I’m living my professional dream. Employed with a cutting edge start up, I can put into practice my career experience and personal brand approach—all thanks to Susanna’s innovative and holistic approach to career mentorship–which includes brand inventory, portfolio development and resume reconstruction. I would not be here without her leadership. I cannot recommend Susanna more highly

Elizabeth L.M.

Creative Vice President, Start-up (formerly at Warner Bros and Disney)

Susanna was able to provide an objective perspective and was a solid sounding board as I assessed the next chapter of my career. She offers sound advice and champions her clients by reinforcing constructive narratives. She brought fresh perspective to both my resume and LinkedIn profile as well as offering me search strategies to target my next career move. I am grateful to have worked with Susanna, who I found at exactly the right time in my journey.

Nadia K.

Regional Vice President, Intermountain Healthcare (formerly at MGM International Resorts)

Susanna Shamim- Executive Career Coach is the partner you want if you want to land in the C-Suite. She has a way of drawing out your best qualities and gives you all the encouragement, support, and “tough love” you need to land. Her superlative abilities to profile me in a distinctive C-Suite resume and LinkedIn profile opened doors for multiple interview opportunities. The climb to the C-Suite is not easy and having Susanna in your corner as a coach, confidante, and advisor is absolutely essential. I couldn’t have gone through the multiple rounds of interviews. And finally, when it came to negotiating compensation, she boosted my confidence and gave me talking points to get the best package I could have gotten. I’m very appreciative to Susanna and would encourage you to engage her services immediately—don’t waste time looking for anyone else.

Jill C.

Chief Financial Officer, Catalina Island Conservancy

Industries – Companies – Organizations

Hi-Point has served 1000s of clients from all sectors of the economy across the US at Fortune 100 and 500s, multi-national and global companies.

Our Clients:

  • C-Suite, EVP, SVP, VP 
  • Sr Directors and Directors
  • Managers and Subject Matter Expert Professional
  • Education & Nonprofit Executives and Administrators
  • Entrepreneurs, Start-up Executives and Small Business Founders

Industry Sectors:

✔ Entertainment-Media
✔ Healthcare-Pharma-Biotech-Medical Device
✔ Technology-SaaS
✔ Food & Beverage – Retail
✔ Financial Services – Management Consulting
✔ Education & Nonprofits
✔ Government & Public Sector Agencies


Entertainment - Media

Gaming - Casinos

Healthcare - Pharma

Technology - SaaS

Food & Beverage - Retail

Financial Srvs - Mgt Consulting

Education - NonProfits

Government - Public Sector

Executive & Professional Resume Development

All Resumes and Profiles are highly customized and personalized to the individual professional, or executive level, and industry.

✔  All your documents  are written with high standards of excellence by me.  I have a collaborative discussion with you to learn about your career history, your personality, how you lead teams, your vision—essentially what makes you stand out from others in your field.

From the information I gain from you, I crystallize your leadership brand, showcasing your achievements through compelling storytelling, powerful metrics, and infuse a touch of your personality.

 Your resume and LinkedIn Profile are written in compelling, bold language and elevates your experience to compel recruiters or your target audience to call you.  

✔  Word alignment and optimization for searchability through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and LinkedIn searches is authentically achieved to your target position.

✔ You’ll engage decision makers  with attention grabbing letters of introduction and cover letters prompting them to call you.

SAMPLE RESUMES: Click on button below to see Representative Samples of the high caliber writing and resume styles you can expect.  (Names of clients and companies have been changed to protect anonymity). 

LINKEDIN PROFILES:  Visit my LinkedIn Profile and check out the profiles of my Clients whose Testimonials are displayed on my Profile; click on the Client’s photo which will take you to their profile.

Career Change

Seeking a career change or advance to the Next Level?

Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs, my comprehensive Career Change Services support you with proven success techniques.

If Opportunity doesn’t knock, build a Door and we provide you the Key.

Branding - Not Just a Resume

Want to leave a memorable impression on your intended audience? Your Brand is more than a Resume.

Elevating your experience, talents and accomplishments.  Producing compelling, bold Resumes, LinkedIn profiles and moremaximizing your exposure, getting interviews faster, and landing competitive positions at coveted companies.

Coaching for Career & Executive Advancement

Looking to enhance your executive presence, lead teams and improve communication?

Empowering executives, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to think strategically, and act with confidence and decisiveness.

Are you no longer feeling passionate about your work?  Not being able to advance to the next level in your profession or industry?

The work we will do together will be transformative to discover career options.

Business Coaching and Consulting

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur needing help in starting a business? 

An existing business owner who needs guidance to grow your company?

Are you selling your business and want to explore ways to remain relevant and explore and discover what’s next for you?

Giving you the key to unlock your potential and realize your vision for the next chapter in your life.

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