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How HiPoint Coaching can Help You

We provide customized coaching to executives, professionals and business owners to give you a professional edge in this highly competitive environment.

Executives retain our coaching services during periods of change, transition, seeking clarity in advancing their careers, or entrepreneurs when their business is stagnant.  As a Career Coach, Executive Coach and Business Coach, we serve as a confidential sounding board, guide and advisor to help you build awareness, identify alternatives, and tap your own creativity to find a path to success.

Career Coaching

Whether you’ve experienced an unexpected job transition, are considering a career change, or find your industry less appealing, we’re here to assist you in charting your professional path. We prioritize understanding your unique needs and goals, offering tailored advice to explore various suitable options. We also consider the impact on your family, ensuring a comprehensive approach.  Our Career Coaching helps you:

Gain clarity of career vision

✔ Identify your strengths, unique talents, passions and interests, aligned to alternative careers

✔ Identify preferred work environment, geographic locations and work/life balance preferences

✔  Suggest alternative careers aligned to your strengths, unique talents, experience and personality

✔ Identify additional education, training or certifications needed for your new career

✔  Provide you candid and constructive assessment of how to advance or change your career.

Typically Career Coaching is paired with redevelopment of your resume and LinkedIn profile to align with your career direction.  Please check out other services at HiPointCareers.com.

Executive Coaching

Hi-Point Coaching specializes in Executive Coaching customized to your needs.  Coaching can help you realize your full potential to achieve peak performance.  Professionals and Executives engage our Executive Coaching to:

✔  Elevate and enhance performance, navigate complex organizational dynamics, and hone leadership capabilities.

✔  Intervene and build awareness about negative behaviors and gain insight into blind spots.

✔  Serve as a confidential sounding board and help in guiding teams, internal and external stakeholders.

✔  During pivotal moments, identify alternatives, and tap into your own creativity to find a path to success.


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Executive Coaching can help Executives, Directors, Managers and Business Owners...


  • Focusing on Results and Prioritizing
  • Enhancing Performance
  • Cultivating Deeper Client Relationships
  • Coping with Stress and Achieving Work/Life Balance
  • Adapting Effectively Across Cultures
  • Changing Communication Styles to Adapt to your Employees
  • Developing Executive Presence
  • Keeping Employees Engaged and Involved
  • Delegating for Employee Development
  • Navigating Leadership Challenges
  • Remaining Resilient in a Changing Environment
  • Dealing with Change: Mergers & Acquisitions, Layoffs and Downsizing
  • Effective Communication-Internal and External to Organization

Executive Coaching can help the Newly Promoted...


“Forty percent of new managers fail in the first 18 months.” With executive coaching I can help ease your transition into your new position, allowing you to work smarter not harder:

  • Navigate office politics
  • Identify and enhance your natural leadership abilities
  • Become a more effective manager and team leader
  • Resolve conflict and deal with difficult personalities
  • Develop more effective management skills, delegation and supervising
  • Achieve peak performance without sacrificing life balance
  • Establish credibility by developing a polished professional persona
  • Enhance your Skills:  Public Speaking, Facilitation and Interpersonal Communications.

Resiliency is highly demanded of leaders. Executives are thrust into crises and need to develop the fortitude to remain calm under pressure. I serve as your confidante and advisor, offering support and guidance in these challenging moments.


How We Work With You

Chemistry – As a Coach, our initial goal is to build rapport and trust with our clients which is the bedrock of a successful coaching engagement.  There has to be a willingness by you to be open, as well as a desire to make real change that will lead to a positive impact in your professional life and career.

Assessment –  Attentively listen to you and understand your needs, immediate priorities, and areas you’d like to change or improve through the coaching engagement.

Coaching Plan –  As your confidential coach, we will work together to develop your coaching plan:

  • Identify your goals for career change, advancement or alignment to a new direction.
  • Identify any obstacles, issues or behaviors that are preventing you from reaching your goals.
  • Identify strategies and set milestones to help you reach your goals.


Select Testimonials

Susanna provided the insight, motivation and articulation I needed to meet my COVID career goals. I’ve been able to advance from Director to Vice President.  She helped me identify my current strengths, provided radical candor when I needed it and encouraged me to be more aggressive in my networking. She did this while walking me through a focused approach to my goals. Trust the process! I will continue to work with Susanna as I reach new milestones.

Nicole E.

Vice President, Worldwide Publishing, Disney

Susanna is an amazing Career Coach. She helped me transition into a managerial role after being in a technical role for about 20 years. As a coach, she patiently listened to my stories, strengths and challenges, encouraged me when I felt down and hopeless. Using her various workbooks and techniques, she helped me establish my personal brand highlighting my strengths while coaching me to overcome those challenges. In addition to the personal branding exercise, I found her interview techniques and practices to be extremely effective and valuable. In a way, working with her helped me discover and understand myself better. I couldn’t have made my career jump without Susanna! I would wholeheartedly (and did) refer Susanna to anyone who’s looking to transform and elevate their career.

Petricia W.

Application Development Manager, Cetera Financial Group

Susanna Shamim was as my Executive Career Coach during my transition from BP. Susanna opened my vistas to explore a career path that I had not considered. She was able to brand my talents and experience for a C-level position and tap into my entrepreneurial side which had served me well in my corporate positions. Through her guidance and coaching, I was able to ultimately create a position and court a company to open operations in Alaska. I am so glad that I met Susanna and very appreciative of her support.

David C.

President & CEO, Lloyds Energy (former General Manager BP) Alaska

I am so appreciative that I received guidance from Susanna Shamim during our coaching engagement. She helped me to acclimate to my expanded responsibilities, establish priorities and delegate more to my team. My natural leadership abilities needed to be refined in this new role and Susanna helped me gain awareness of some blindspots. The 360 assessment was very eye opening and I’d recommend all leaders to use this for creating awareness. I’m continuing to apply the coaching and strategies that I developed with Susanna.

Steve W.

Senior Vice President, Warner Media

In the initial coaching sessions Susanna helped me gain clarity that I was ready to assume a role with considerably more responsibility in a leadership position.  She and I collaborated in finding the right position for me and then she developed a resume that is reflective of my accomplishments, my leadership abilities and the type of position I’m seeking.  I’m very happy with the final results.  Susanna also coached me on interviewing and how to effectively articulate my value points and accomplishments through mock interview sessions.  I found these to be very beneficial.

Michael M.

Creative Product Management Leader , and Successful Co-Founder of a Tech Company

From the moment I first spoke to Susanna, I knew she was the right Career Coach for me. She knew exactly what I needed and I’m pleased retaining her services. She was able to take my experiences as a producer and executive producer and helped me explore possible new career paths. Through our sessions I gained greater clarity and developed a vision for my career which she then translated into my new resume and profile. Susanna also introduced me to other clients of hers and I was able to secure an interview from that networking

Craig B.

Creative Marketing Brand Manager and Strategist (Former Executive Producer)

Susanna was able to provide an objective perspective and was a solid sounding board as I assessed the next chapter of my career. She offers sound advice and champions her clients by reinforcing constructive narratives. She brought fresh perspective to both my resume and LinkedIn profile as well as offering me search strategies to target my next career move. I am grateful to have worked with Susanna, who I found at exactly the right time in my journey.

Nadia K.

Vice President, Marketing, Intermountain Health (former VP, MGM International Resorts)

I retained Susanna as my executive coach while I was in a senior director role in a challenging position managing a team in the U.S. and one overseas on a multi-million dollar project that I was directing. She helped me navigate the organizational politics and helped me communicate more effectively with my U.S. senior executives while improving my management of my overseas and local teams. I found having Susanna to be an invaluable sounding board for my day to day challenges and to problem solve with an objective, yet intelligent and insightful executive coach. I learned much about myself and have improved my leadership style through the coaching I received.

Rolando M.

Senior Director, Genzler

Career Coaching

 For Mid to Late Career Professionals, Managers and Executives

(No. of Sessions vary based on Needs)

  • Career Coaching: Career Discovery and Exploration for Career Redirection or Reinvention
  • Personality or Leadership Assessment
  • Identifying Career Pathways
  • Goal Setting and Career Roadmap
  • Owning your New Brand or Distinguishing your Brand
  • Sessions conducted in-person, video or phone
  • Self-directed exercises/activities

Executive Coaching

For Newly Promoted and Mid to Senior Executives, C-Suite & Entrepreneurs

(No. of Sessions vary based on Needs)

  • Executive Coaching: Performance or Leadership Enhancement
  • Leadership Assessment or 360 Assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Coaching Plan 30 – 60 – 90 days
  • Sessions conducted in-person, video or phone
  • Monthly check-in sessions
  • Skill building or behavior change
  • Self-directed exercises/assignments

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