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Susanna helped me understand how my Program Management skills doesn’t just apply to the Department of Defense but can be used in many other industries I wouldn’t have considered on my own. Her rebranding of my resume and profile and coaching support were instrumental in my landing a position in a different industry.

– Kevin J., Senior Program Manager, Wefren (formerly at Northrop Grumman)




I retained Susanna Shamim’s Executive Career services because she immediately pinpointed in our first call, the drawbacks in my efforts to explore executive positions. She completely redeveloped my resume and profile which greatly assisted me to be invited to multiple opportunities. She was also very helpful in coaching me through the interviews which were successful in landing me a position that I finally accepted.  Susanna further guided me to negotiate a desirable compensation package and have I have relocated to a new position. I’m very pleased with the overall services and recommend Susanna to any executive who is considering a career change or advancement.
– Zeki B., Ph.D., H.C.L.D. – Clinical Laboratory Director  (Relocated from Las Vegas, NV to Miami, FL)

Susanna Shamim is an outstanding career development coach. Over the past year I’ve worked to reposition, flex and evolve my personal brand. Through the entire journey, Susanna’s inspirational coaching approach has sparked my career evolutionpushing me to create a narrative that meshes well with today’s industry needs. Today, I’m living my professional dream. Employed with a cutting edge start up, I can put into practice my career experience and personal brand approach—all thanks to Susanna’s innovative and holistic approach to career mentorship–which includes brand inventory, portfolio development and resume reconstruction. I would not be here without her leadership. I cannot recommend Susanna more highly!
– Elizabeth M., Brand Strategist | Creative Director – Entertainment and Consumer Products

Susanna was instrumental in my most recent career advancement. The resume Susanna put together for me was outstanding, hitting on all aspects of my experience not missing anything. Susanna was very thorough in getting all the pertinent information needed to brand my career on my LinkedIn Profile. Susanna was very prompt in all of our sessions, her information was to the point and very helpful with interviewing and negotiating compensation for employment. I was contacted by recruiters from across the country and positions I applied to landed me interviews. I finally accepted a position with a growing company and will be supporting them opening multiple casinos on the East Coast. I could not have achieved this cross-country move without Susanna’s help. I recommend you avail yourself of her services!
– Chris M., Director of Operations, Rivers Casino and Resort, NY (Relocated from Las Vegas)

I reached out to Susanna when I was at a bit of a crossroads in my career. Her approach to understanding her clients – both in terms of tools she uses and meaningful conversations – helped clarify what I really wanted next, and she positioned me to achieve it. Not only did she create “one of the best resumes I’ve seen” (real executive feedback), but better prepared me for intensive interviews. Working with Susanna was most definitely a valuable investment in my career. If you’re unsure of how to position yourself or just need some refinement, I’d recommend the investment!
Tiffany W., Director of Care Experience, Kaiser Permanente

I found Susanna at a very pivotal point in my career when I had taken a leave of absence from work due to some issues I was dealing with on my job. When I was ready to return, Susanna was there to help me capture my accomplishments on my resume and profile. She was always available to coach me and answer my questions as I was considering positions. She prepared me for interviews and also on how to negotiate more salary. I have found working with her most valuable and have gained her friendship for life.
– Sam T., Senior Scientist, Edward Life Sciences (Formerly at Amgen)

I was able to land an advanced position only with Susanna Shamim’s career transition services, I saw some immediate results. My resume and profile began to get traction. Susanna also gave me valuable feedback on how I needed to present my accomplishments in an interview. Her prep was very insightful. Susanna is very knowledgeable and insightful about people and she is a great leadership coach. I can truly recommend her approach is what helped me get into the director level position.

Peter A., Director – Medical Management Systems at Becton Dickinson (formerly at Abbott)

I was fortunate to have met Susanna Shamim, principal of HiPoint Coaching and Consulting through a mutual friend. She is a pleasure to work with – personable, very thorough and professional. Susanna helped me recognize and label my personal brand and how best to market it through LinkedIn. Working with Susanna is an investment in your future. I highly recommend her.

Glenn M., Slot Operations Manager, Mohegan Sun Casino at Virgin Hotels, Las Vegas

I have enjoyed working with Susanna Shamim, principal of HiPoint Coaching and Consulting. Susanna provided that “tough love” that was needed during the pandemic and when one experiences being a “covid casuality.” She was instrumental in developing my new resume and profile which immediately drew attention from recruiters and hiring managers and landed me interviews. Her insightful coaching and confidence boosting helped me articulate the value I bring and strengths I possess to drive a company’s success. I received two competing offers and I accepted a position at a reputable market leading company with a higher salary. Susanna has reinvigorated me to excel further in my career. I made a wise investment in selecting Susanna and I would recommend her highly to professionals and executives seeking career advancement or career change or in need of executive coaching. Thank you, Susanna, for all that you provided to me.
– Barbara B. – Direct and Digital Marketing – Caesars Digital, Las Vegas

Susanna’s sound advice and informed perspective helped me through the uncertainty of my job search. From the early tasks of updating my resume and LinkedIn profile to the final stages of interviewing and negotiating, Susanna encouraged me with level-headed feedback and insight. She was responsive and available whenever I had news to discuss or decisions to make. Throughout the process, she emphasized courtesy, outreach, and gratitude, which turned what could have been an anxious experience into a positive one. With her guidance, I was able to land a new position that exceeded my expectations and advanced my career. I think anyone looking for their next professional adventure would benefit by having Susanna on their team!
–  Janet H., Artistic Director, Shield AI, (formerly at NBCU, Japan)

I highly recommend Susanna to professionals who are looking to re-brand themselves or to work on the presentation of their professional experiences. Her work and input had noticeable and immediate impact on my LinkedIn profile. Susanna provides a great service experience where her approach is very personal. She is also a great career mentor. She provides great tips on where, how and what approach to take when looking for a career change. I definitely recommend individuals to take the full package.
– Trung T., CIMA, CMA, CPA, Senior Finance, Accounting and Internal Audit Leader, Exxon, Ontario, Canada

I enthusiastically recommend Susanna Shamim, Executive Career Coach/Consultant and principal of HiPoint Coaching. I’ve worked with Susanna during my transitions twice and each time I’ve appreciated her articulating my brand and elevating my experience through my resume and LinkedIn profile. The executive coaching and guidance in presenting my value proposition to prospective employers is also very beneficial and helped me to position myself as a leader. Susanna’s attentiveness to clients and her customized approach is her mark of distinction in customer service.
– Augusto P., National Sales Manager, Weld-On (formerly at Rainbird)

Susanna Shamim’s executive career coaching just landed me my Dream Job!!! I’ve been striving to break through to an executive level with commensurate compensation for decades but never managed to pull it off on my own, no matter how many awards and accolades I received. It was her expertise and experience as a former C-Suite Executive turned passionate Career Coach that unlocked the key to my career potential..My family and I are eternally grateful for the incredible service Susanna provides and I owe so much of the credit to her wisdom and dedication. Even more impressive is that all of this happened at the height of the COVID pandemic. She is a formidable ally for any serious job seeker who is ready to take their career to the next level. 

– Joey C. –TV Producer/Director @ KLCS – PBS (former Indie Filmmaker)

I have been blessed for knowing with Susanna Shamim, Principal of HiPoint Coaching & Consulting for over 5 years. Susanna is an experienced, talented, caring, and smart Executive Career Consultant/Coach. Last year, I decided to look for a new opportunity and I knew I needed Susanna to help me with that move. I had the pleasure of working with Susanna and using her professional services four years ago and I was extremely satisfied with her.

As I started looking for a new opportunity, I knew I need to upgrade my LinkedIn profile and resume, and I knew Susanna was the right person for that. Susanna, quickly got to work on those two items and after she updated the LinkedIn profile and resume, I quickly started seeing results. Susanna was also helpful on coaching and guiding me on what was the best position for my long-term career goals and compensation.

It is my pleasure to recommend Susanna, she is always available when needed and goes out of her way to respond in a timely manner. She is very personable and always there to support you. Anyone looking for their next professional adventure call Susanna, you will not regret it!

– Edwin V., Global Environ., Health and Safety / Security (EHSS) and Risk Management, Greenlots – subsidiary of Shell

It is my pleasure to recommend Susanna Shamim, principal of HiPoint Coaching & Consulting. I have known Susanna for more than a year. I had spent several months looking for job opportunities without results. I knew I needed help to work on my brand and how to best sell what I had to offer as a professional. My brother recommended Susanna for her professionalism and given her outstanding credentials, I did not hesitate to hire her services…She starts by getting to know you and your goals thoroughly by asking important questions. Right from the beginning she delineated the right tasks in the right order to create an accurate and effective professional brand. She wrote a tailored professional resume and LinkedIn profile and what a difference that made. I started getting more job opportunities than I was actually interested in. Not to mention, this happened in the middle of a pandemic! She is always available if you have a question or if you need help. Every time I reached out to her she always responded within a few minutes. She coached me to become much better at job interviews. She held various mock interviews with me and helped me understand what I was doing wrong and how to improve. She even presented me with various professional connections and helped me grow my professional network. She is very caring and considerate. She is also not afraid of letting you know when you’re not doing what you’re supposed to in order to achieve your goals. She guides you to learn. When it comes to your professional brand and career success, she knows things you’re not aware you don’t know and need in order to have the career you want. Working with Susanna has been one the best professional decision I could have made. In addition, she is a wonderful person and a delight to work with.
– Olivier M. – Mechanical Engineer, Halliburton and TripleS Dynamics

I am an architect who had decided to go back to a full-time job after 15 years of self-employment so I knew I needed help with my professional presentation to employers and recruiters. With so many resume writers’ services available, I am grateful that I decided to work with Coach Susanna, principal at High-Point Coaching. Firstly, she was available for a face to face meeting, which was very important for me, as I believe it is the best way for someone to get to know what you are about. She asked the right questions and helped me focus on how to brand myself for my job search. Her resume writing skills are excellent and she was open to my ideas and revisions. Her collaborative, open and patient approach led us to a great result. Susanna is also a great career coach and I will definitely consider her expertise for consultations as I navigate this career transition.
– Carolina T. R.., AIA -Architect 

Susanna you were wonderful in helping me ease back into the job market after being with the same company for a long time. I found your coaching inspiring and uplifting. You understood my complex technical experience and were able to draw them out and position me for career advancement.  Your resume and profile immediately got attention of recruiters and I found myself in interviews in a matter of days. Also the interview prep coaching session gave me techniques on how to answer difficult questions and I really learned how to sell myself. I will definitely be referring other clients to you.
– Harold J. – Project Management Leader-Top Security Clearance-BAE

Susanna worked tirelessly on getting me the LinkedIn profile and resume I needed to receive a truly great job. Susanna made it very easy to get through the real meat of my career information and apply it into a transferable summation. Susanna also helped me understand how my Program Management skills doesn’t just apply to the Department of Defense but can be used in many other industries I wouldn’t have considered on my own.
– Kevin J., Project / Program Manager – Medical Device Company – Top Security Clearance (formerly at Northrop Grumman)

After months of frustrations and a few unsuccessful interviews, I decided to go a step further. That’s when I found Susanna. From the start, she was very clear on her approach and was able to quickly identify my weaknesses, sharpen my strengths, and point me in the right direction. In a matter of days, she redesigned my resume and LinkedIn profile, making them much more attractive to recruiters. She and I had several interview prep/coaching sessions also, which were of great help to say the least. She was able to point out my shortcomings during practice interviews and provided me with the most appropriate answers to both easy and convoluted questions. Within a few weeks, I started getting contacted by a number of interested parties and finally, I landed a job in which I was very interested. Susanna’s overall process is not only pragmatic and to the point, but also easy to follow and very educational. Her professionalism and expertise are immaculate and her understanding persona is very easy to work with. Thanks to her, today I have a much better understanding on how to approach potential career opportunities. I would like to strongly recommend Susanna and her services to anyone who’s looking for new opportunities.

– Orville M. – Sr Quality Manager, Hunter Douglas, Arizona

Susanna is an amazing coach. She helped me transition into a managerial role after being in a technical role for about 20 years. As a coach, she patiently listened to my stories, strengths and challenges, encouraged me when I felt down and hopeless. Using her various workbooks and techniques, she helped me establish my personal brand highlighting my strengths while coaching me to overcome those challenges. In addition to the personal branding exercise, I found her interview techniques and practices to be extremely effective and valuable. In a way, working with her helped me discover and understand myself better. I couldn’t have made my career jump without Susanna! I would wholeheartedly (and did) refer Susanna to anyone who’s looking to transform and elevate their career.

–  Petricia W., MBA, Application Development Manager at Cetera Financial Group


I have served in public education and technology fields for nearly 30 years and I needed to find an expert to help me craft a professional resume. Susanna made the process of re-branding myself from an educator to a “Multi-faceted Professional Leader” Her approach and efficient and work was exemplary in distilling my extensive experience that spanned varied administrative roles whether it was school site or county office, research grants, or county wide program initiatives. I am pleased with her attention to creating for me a personalized CV that captured the big themes I hold important like innovation and creativity. Her services landed me a number of interviews, even a face to face interview with a prestigious university. I highly recommend Susanna to launch your career to the next level.

David E., M.Ed, Director of Education Technology & Innovations (STEM Education) – S. CA School District

I am so pleased to recommend Susanna to all my academic associates. She completely developed a new CV and cover letter for me to apply for a full-time tenure track position, capturing my academic experience and transferring my former experience in industry. It opened the doors for me to get the position that I wanted after being an adjunct professor for almost 10 years. Susanna is able to capture your essence in writing and reflect it back in your resume or CV. She is very knowledgeable about careers and understands how to brand or re-brand professional experiences. I also found her coaching me on the panel interview style most beneficial in being better prepared for my interview. I have landed my ideal position and am so appreciative of Susanna’s help and support during this transition.
– Richard C., Faculty, Los Angeles Community College

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